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Scotland trip – May 2017 – day 6

I’m aiming to write and post a little bit each day about the family history research I’m doing, and what I find, during a week staying​ in Edinburgh. But for personal privacy, the posting of these travels on AFamilyHistoryBlog will be delayed by a few days, and will not necessarily be in day by day order! Some of these posts may be given later tweaks, with added photos, etc.

Update; You can now see all the posts from my May 2017 Scotland trip, here;
Day 1day 2day 3day 4day 5day 6day 7 – & day 8 & the big family gathering.

I took the train to Kirkcaldy, in Fife, where I went first into the museum and gallery, next to the railway station. I had a good look round the museum, and then the gallery, where there was a painting on display by my Great-grandfather, Sir William Oliphant Hutchison, of his wife Margery (Walton) and their two sons, Peter and Robert.

I then went into the local and family history room to see what I could find there. The librarian looked out for me a book titled “The Hutchisons of Kirkcaldy; A History of the Family and the Firm”. No author was identified for this text! But it looks likely to me to be by “J. Douglas Hutchison”, who complied the Hutchison family tree that I have a copy of (dated 1987), which traces the family (descendants) of the corn merchant and founder of Hutchisons Mill, Robert Hutchison, and his wife, Mary Oliphant. Title page

After looking through some of this book, I asked the librarian if I could copy some of it, using the camera on my tablet to turn it into a PDF file. But due to copyright principles, I could only copy a small portion of the book! So I focused on the start of the book, which dealt a little with some earlier generations of the Hutchison family, and with Robert Hutchison’s life up to the point of his marriage to Mary Oliphant in 1837. I would be very interested to obtain a copy of the whole document. If anyone can provide me with a copy, or knows where I can get one, then please leave a comment below, or use the Contact Page to get in touch. Thanks.

When I left Kirkcaldy Galleries, I went to have a little look round the town. Looking in the graveyard of Kirkcaldy Old Kirk, I found and gravestones with inscriptions to several members of the OLIPHANT and HUTCHISON families which I took photos of. These inscriptions included Robert HUTCHISON, and his wives; Mary OLIPHANT, and Jessie THOMSON. Another gravestone named Mary OLIPHANT’s Great-grandparents; “Robert OLIPHANT” and “Janet BETT”, “set up by” Mary’s grandfathers; “William and Henry OLIPHANT”. OLIPHANT gravestone in Kirkcaldy old kirkyard

OLIPHANT papers – Disposition of George BARKER; to his grandchildren; 1784

For some context, and an index to these documents, please SEE HERE.

If you can help with the transcription of these documents please get in touch.

Please click on the images to see the scans at full resolution.

Here is a family tree of George BARKER, his daughters, and grandchildren;
George BARKER descendants tree Jan2016versionGeorge BARKER descendants tree Jan2016version
There is also an Outline and a Report of George BARKER’s descendants (up to 4 generations).

George BARKER’s Settlement (of the same date) is HERE.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 2;

Cover; G-Barker_cover

Transcription of cover;

Disposition – George Barker – to His Children, 1784.

8th Oct 1789 [pro’] [registrate] – […] Robert Philp & – John Malcolm Baillies – David Anderson procurator


Page 1; G-Barker_page1

Transcription of page 1;

Know all men by these presents Me George Barker shipmaster in Kirkcaldy In order to prevent all disputes at my death am resolved to settle my affairs and make the following destination of my heritable subjects I hereby give grant & dispone to and in favours of George Thomas & David Dougall law- ful children procreate betw[.] the deceast George Dougall Shipmaster in Kirkcaldy and Agnes Barker his spouse my daughter also deceast equally among them and their heirs and assignees heritably & irredeemably all and [H]aill that tenement of land and yard there to belonging lately purchased by me from William Oliphant lying within the burgh of Kirkcaldy at the head of the new harbour and on the south side of the high street bounded betw[..] the lands of the heirs of Walter McRay on the east, the lands of the heirs of William Gray on the west, the sea flood on the south and the said high street on the north parts as also all and [H]aill that tenement of land purchased by me from Francis Beveridge laying in the said town of Kirkcaldy in the pans there of on the south side of the street bounded with the high street and void ground on the east and west, the sea flood on the south and the high street on the north parts thereof, as also my just and equal half of all an[d] [H]aill that tenement of land yard and pertinents acquired by my decease[ed brother and me from Elizabeth Barker lying in the town of Kirkcaldy in the [hans] thereof and north side of the street bounded with the tenement of Thomas Brown’s heirs on the west, the tenement of David La[ui]gs heirs on the east, the [Imutow] lands on the north and high street on the south parts and also all and [H]aill that peice of void ground purchased by me from Margaret Beuters spouse to Theodore Lyall weaver in Kirkcaldy upon which I have since built houses lying in the said town of Kirkcaldy on the south side of the street bounded with void ground on the east, the sea flood on the south, a [vennal] on the west, and high street on the north parts. And I give grant and disponer to and in favours of Christian, Robert, George & Mary Oliphant lawful children procreate bet[..] William Oliphant shipmaster in Kirkcaldy & Mary Barker my daughter his spouse both now deceast equally among them and their heirs and assignees heritably and irredeemably the just and equal [E]aster half of all and [H]aill that larger tenement of land high and laigh back and fore lying in the said town of Kirkcaldy on the south side of the street purchased by me from Mr Patrick Ross bounded by the house of James Meldroms heirs on the west, an common vennal on the east, the sea flood on …

Page 2; G-Barker_page2

Transcription of page 2;

… on the south & high street on the north parts as also the just and equal half of my just and equal half of all and [H]aill these two tenements of land of a long time ruinous with inner and outer yards all now turned into one entire yard inclosed on all sides and having a south dyke in place of the fare wall of the ruinous tenements being purchased from John Paterson of Kirkcaldy by my brother John and me lying in the said town of Kirkcaldy on the north side of the street bounded with the tenement & yard of Provost Kays heirs on the east, the lands of the Prime Gilt box on the west, [Initow] lands on the north and the high street on the south parts. And I give grant and dispone to and in favours of Christian & Janet Oliphant lawful children procreate bet[..] Henry Oliphant shipmaster in Kirkcaldy and the now deceast Christian Barker his spouse my third and youngest daughter and their heirs and assignees heritably and irredeemably the just and equal wester half of all and [H]aill the said larger tenement of land high and laigh back and fore lying and bounded as said is as also the other just and equal half of my just and equal half of all & [H]aill the sail two tenements of land now ruinous & inner and outer yards all now turned into one yard lying & bounded as said is. In the which several subjects above dispoued I bind and oblige me my heirs and successors to infeft and [s]eige my said grandchildren [m]ore saids for their differ- ent interests upon their own expences and that by resignation as after mentioned to be holden in free burgage Royal for payment of the burrow maills & service of burgh used and wout and for accomplishing of the said infeftment I hereby make & constitute

and each

of them jointly and severally my procurators for me and in my name purely and simply by staff & bastone to resign like as I hereby resign surrender and deliver the whole of the foregoing different & respective subjects all lying and bounded in manners above written which are here held as repeated in the hands of the Provost or any one of the Baillies of Kirkcaldy as in the hands of his majesty immediate lawful superior thereof in favors and for new infeftment of the same to be made given & granted to my said several grandchildren above named & their forsaids according to their several interests & proportions above specified which are also here held as repeated and that in such due and competent form as [effeirs] acts instruments and documents one or more in the pre[..]ifses to ask lift and raise & generally every other thing …

Page 3;  G-Barker_page3

Transcription of page 3;

… thing thereanent to do that I could do myself being personally present on which to the office of procuratory in such cases is known by law to appertain from ittew derate In like manner I hereby assign and make over to & in favors of my several grandchildren above named and their foresaids not only the whole rents mails and dutys that shall be due & resting at my death of the several subjects hereby disponed to them in manner above specified But also the respective writes & evident of & concerning the said subjects disponed and whole clauses therein contained with all that has followed or may follow on these writes surrogating & substituting my said several grandchildren & their foresaids in my full right title & place of the [premises] with power on my death to intro[milt] with uplift & discharge their rents & duties of the said several subjects above disponed & assigned [pursue] therefore as well as for implement & recovery of the said writes as accor[.] and in general to do every other thing there [a neut] as effectually as I could have done before granting these presents Reserving always to me not only my liferent of the whole subjects hereby disponed But also full power over the same and to do therewith as fully & effectually as if these presents had never been granted Dispensing with the not delivery of these presents in my own lifetime and declare the same a sufficient evident altho’ found lying by me or in the custody of any neutral person at my death any law or practice to the contrary notwithstanding and I hereby appoint the said Henry Oliphant to be tutor & [beurator] not only to his own children but also to the said children of his brother William for managing the subjects hereby disponed to them Declaring that he shall not be liable for omifsions but only for his actual intromission… Consenting to the Registration hereof in the Books of Councill & …. Burrow Court Books of Kirkcaldy or others competent for preservation and thereto constitutes

My Procurators In witness whereof these presents… consisting of this & the three preceeding pages of stamped paper (writte… by John Barker apprentice to William Drysdale Clerk of Kirkcaldy) are subscribed by me at Kirkcaldy the Eight day of # May One thousand seven hundred & Eighty four years Before # these witnesses; William Michie, taylor in Kirkcaldy, and the # said William Drysdale and John Barker ~

(signed) Wille: Drysdale, witness
(signed) William Michie, witness
(signed) John Barker, witness

(signed) George Barker


OLIPHANT papers – document by John PEAL, Edinburgh, 6th April 1799

For some context, and an index to these documents, please SEE HERE.

If you can help with the transcription of these documents please get in touch.

Please click on the images to see the scans at full resolution.

George Beveridge (to whom the original copy of this letter was addressed) was married to Christian Oliphant (b.1770), who was the oldest child of Henry Oliphant (b.1741) and Christian Barker (b.abt.1741, d.1777). After Christian Barker’s death, Henry Oliphant remarried, to Janet Hutchison, and they had several children. This document appears to be advice on how Henry Oliphant’s estate should be shared between the children of his 2 marriages. See the “Henry Oliphant estate” tag for all the documents relating to his estate.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 1;

Cover;  cover_Jn-Peal_Apr1799
Transcription of cover;

[Law Opinion]; by Jn Peal; Edin[burgh] 6th April 1799

Enclosed letter by John PEAL;  cover-letter_Apr1799

Transcription of letter;

Copy of a letter addressed to Mr George [Beveridge] in which the [following] was inclosed. 


Edin[burgh] , 6th April 1789

Dear Sir,
~   I duly received your’s of the 3rd [Mar]
and feel obliged to you for the [good] opinion you
[entertain] of me which I shall study to [deserve].

~   The regular way for your friend would have
been to apply for the [opinion] of Council on points of
Law that being their special [promice] – I have [however]
as you [desire] stated what [occurs] to me upon [the]
[business] which may perhaps satisfy your friend
in the matters he wishes to [be] [informed] of ~

~   In place however of [trusting] to [speculative]
[points] of law I should advise [your] friend to two things
first to [procure] a settlement with the children of the
first marriage for their mothers [executory] and get
their discharge otherwise I can forsee that one day
or other it will come to a [bond] of contention and produce
much family uneasiness. In the [next] place I should
advise him to execute a [rational] settlement of both his
heritable and moveable property in such manner as
he thinks fair & just. But if he consults his families
interest he will not attempt to [frame] any deed
himself otherwise he may lay the foundation of a
law plea which deeds executed by [ignorant] people
[seldom] fail to produce ~ if you or he choose to
make a [step] over I shall [converse] with you on the
business [at] large when more can be done in an
hour than by a long correspondence

[I remain]
[your …]
Dear Sir
John Peal

Page 1;  page-1_ed

Transcription of page 1;

In the state [of] the family as represented the # father has children by two marriages – his property # consists partly [of] heritable [&] partly of moveable subjects # and he has [entered] into no contract of marriage with # either of his wives.

The rule of succession if # left to the [operation] of law [stands] thus – on the # death of his first wife the moveable property # divided into three parts – two parts remain with the father during his life the remaining third # part fell to the children of the marriage # equally – as the nearest of kin to the mother # and if these children are of age they could # insist against the father for immediate # payment of this third share – it will be # [adverted] that it is the free produce after # all [debts] are deducted – the father can’t deprive # his children of this legal right by any subsequent # deed or testament he may make if they should # find it for their interest to insist upon such # legal right.

Should the father die intestate # the eldest son [whether] of the first or second # marriage or in the case of his predeceasing his …

Page 2;  page-2_ed

Transcription of page 2;

… his father leaving children his heir will take # the heritable property; or [if] the heir finds it more # for his interest he may [call..] with the younger # children that is put the [whole] heritable and # moveable property together [and] take an equal # share with the other children.

The Fathers moveable property # will divide into three parts the widow will take # One Third the Children of both mariages take # another third as nearest [of] kin and they also # take the remaining third being the [deads] part # It will be noticed that the Children of the first # marriage have the right formerly mentioned as # Flowing for their deceased mother over and above # their equal share on the fathers death.

There is nothing to prevent the # father from leaving his heritable property by # regular deed executed while in health and of a # sound mind in any manner he pleases. But a # deed of that nature executed after having contracted # or […ing] under the desease of which he dies ~ # should he die within sixty days of executing the # deed without being at Kirk or Market is liable # to be reduced at the instance of the heir [at] Law.

The Father may also settle his # Moveable property by Testament at any time …

Page 3;  page-3_ed

Transcription of page 3;

… in his life to a certain extent at least but he # cannot as before noticed affect the right of the # Children of the first marriage of their mother’s # share nor can he affect his widows right to # a third of the moveables nor the portion # called legitim falling to his children In # short he can only properly test upon a # third of the moveables or the dead’s part.

This seems to answer all the # questions put except whether a holograph # Will or Testament is good whether [we are] on # Stamp paper or not – There is no doubt # that a deed [strictly] of a Testamentary nature # may be good though wrote upon unstamped # paper but a very little difference in words # will take a deed out of that line when # it would not be good [write] stamped # which might require a heavy penalty # It is therefore highly imprudent to run the risk.

I holograph Deed is certainly # good but attended with this disadvantage # that without witnesses it does not prove # its own date, which in some cases might # come to be a serious inconveniency.

It may be proper to notice further …

Page 4;  page-4

Transcription of page 4;

… further that in the division of moveables the # widow has no share where the money is lent # out upon a Bond bearing interest nor had # the deceased wife any right which she could # transmit to her Children in Bonds belonging # to the husband where from the conception # of them executors were [secluded] which # is sometimes the case nor will the younger # Children have any right to such Bonds # they will go to the heir if the Father dies # intestate. But upon these he may dispose # as pleases during his life.

Notes; The document is on 2 sheets of paper, both embossed ” 1816 “, and with a shield design (on other sheets of paper among this group of documents, the same shield design appears along with the wording; “W Cadell & Co”).

OLIPHANT papers – receipt bundle

This post contains the details of a bundle of 35 receipts, dated 1843, that are part of one of two envelopes of old documents relating to the OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy in Fife.

To see my index of the other documents in these envelopes, please CLICK HERE.

There are 35 receipts;
Most are dated 1843.
Most are billed to Mrs Oliphant.
They are listed here in the order in which they were found bundled.

(Click on the receipt images to view as slide shows at a larger scale. To exit a slide show, click the “X” in the top left corner.)

  1. Paid 31st July 1843; £ -/2/- ; to John [Skinner?]
  2. dated 24th October 1843; £3/18/4 ; to Alex McLean
  3. dated 1843; £ -/8/- ; to Robert Hutchison & Co.
  4. dated 1843; £ -/12/6 ½ ; to Mr Thomson
  5. dated 1843; £ -/11/2 ; to Jacob [Fawcett?]
  6. Paid 17th Oct 1843; £ -/14/6 ; to Robert Hutchison & Co.
  7. Paid 20th March 1843; £ 1/15/- ; to [Mrs?] Davie
  8. dated 5th Oct 1843; £ -/5/3 ; to The Fife Sentinel (newspaper)
  9. dated 1843; £ -/8/- ; to Mr Thomson
  10. dated 1843; £ -/6/6 ; to Mr A Strange
  11. dated 25th March 1843; £ 1/-/- ; to Kirkcaldy Burgh
  12. dated 1843; £ 2/17/5 ; to Tho. Dryburgh re “Assessed Taxes”
  13. dated 19th July 1843; £ -/3/6 ; to Mr Morton
  14. paid 3rd July 1843; £ 1/6/3 ; to Kirkcaldy China Store
  15. paid 7th July 1843; £6/10/- ; to Allardice & Sclanders
  16. paid 11th July 1843; £-/4/7 ; to J & J Baxter, Glass Cutters
  17. paid 26th Sept 1843; £-/14/11 ; to George Hepburn, Grocer
  18. paid 17th Oct 1843; £-/8/- ; to J Meldrum
  19. paid 3rd Jan 1843; £-/4/- ; to John Skinner
  20. 1843 [3 receipts]; £-/13/9 [total]; to James Steel, Haberdasher.
  21. paid 5th Dec 1843; £3/19/- ; to Andrew Fleming & Co.
  22. paid 17th July 1843; £3/5/1 ½ ; to Meldrum sisters
  23. paid 17th Feb 1843; £-/-/10 ; to John Anderson
  24. dated 1843; £-/11/5 ; to Alex Hutchison
  25. dated 1843; £-/7/6 ; to Alex Hutchison
  26. dated 1843; £-/8/7 ; to Alex Hutchison
  27. dated 1843; £1/10/- ; to Richard Smith
  28. paid 4th Jan 1843; £3/5/- ; to Alex Russell & Son
  29. paid 2nd Jan 1843; £-/15/4 ; to Robert Brownlee
  30. paid 9th Jan 1843; £-/11/6 ; to Miss Slate
  31. paid 9th Jan 1843; £2/5/4 ; to Miss Slate
  32. £-/18/4 ; to ?
  33. dated 1843; £-/16/5 ; to Alex Hutchison
  34. May 1842; £1/-/- ; Burgh Tax, Kirkcaldy
  35. May 1842; £2/17/5 ; Assessed Taxes

I’m adding my scanned images of these receipts as several small galleries (due to the number of images). For most of the receipts I have two images – front and back (labeled “a” & “b”). Click on any receipt image to view that gallery as a slide show at a larger scale. Fuller transcriptions of the receipts are included as captions to the images. From the slide show you can open full resolution views of the scanned images.

HUTCHISON ancestors


In no particular order I’m making several posts to show my known ancestors, in a “pedigree view”, starting each pedigree with one of my great-grandparents (for people’s personal privacy I will not give details of the more recent generations).

The Roman Numeral in front of a name indicates the generation (counting backwards) and the number of “great”s that you need to add to describe their relationship to me. i.e.

  • “-i-” = my “great-grandparent”,
  • “-iv-” = my “4x-great-grandparent”.

Click the numeral to link to any posts tagged with that individual’s name, or to all the posts tagged with that surname (if the individual person doesn’t have a tag).

If someone’s name is highlighted as a hyperlink, you can click that link to an external webpage with information about that person. I generally favour entries on Wikipedia, though other sources may come up if there is nothing on Wikipedia, or if the alternative offers better information.

Here are the HUTCHISONs of Kirkcaldy in Fife (also including the OLIPHANTs, BARKERs, and others).


-v-[ Jonh HUTCH(E)SON, b. ???, d. ???, m. 20/06/1773, Kirkcaldy

-iv-[ Alexander HUTCHISON, b. ../../1772, Kirkcaldy, d. ???, m. 09/08/1804, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

-v-[ Isabel BETT (or BEATT), b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ Robert HUTCHISON, b. 07/09/1806, Kirkcaldy, d. 07/11/1883, Kirkcaldy, m. 18/04/1837, Kirkcaldy.

(See a portrait painting of Robert HUTCHISON, HERE ]

-v-[ Robert BINNIE, b. ???, d. ???, m. 21/05/1768, Cramond, Mid Lothian.

-iv-[ Joanna BINNIE, b. ../../1782, Cramond, Mid Lothian, d. ???

-v-[ Janet GEDDES, b. ???, d. ???

-ii-Henry William HUTCHISON, b. 15/04/1849, d. ../../1922, m. ???

-vi-[ Robert OLIPHANT, b. abt 1696, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1772, Kirkcaldy, m. ???

-v-[ William OLIPHANT*, b. abt 1728, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1777, Kirkcaldy, m. 11/04/1763

-vi-[ Janet BELL (or BUTT), b. ???, d. ???

-iv-[ Robert OLIPHANT, b. 02/09/1765, d. ???, m. 03/01/1797, Edinburgh.

-vi-[ George BARKER, b. ../../1704, d. ???, m. 28/12/1732

-v-[ Mary BARKER*, b. ../../1733, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1775, Kirkcaldy.

-vi-[ Christian BELL (or BETT), b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ Mary OLIPHANT, b. 25/04/1808, d. ../../1852

-v-[ Henry OLIPHANT*, b. ../../1741, d. ???, m. 01/12/1776

-iv-[ Janet OLIPHANT, b. 19/10/1777, d. ???

-v-[ Christian BARKER*, b. ../../1741, d. 02/12/1777

-i-[ (Sir) William Oliphant HUTCHISON, b. 02/07/1889, Dysart, Fife, d. 05/02/1970, Cambridge, m. 15/11/1918, Edinburgh, to Margery WALTON. [See WALTON ancestry HERE]

-iii-[ John KEY, b. ???, d. ???, m. 25/04/1845

-ii-[ Sarah “Hannah” KEY, b. ../../1850, d. ../../1938

-iii-[ Sarah WHITE (or WHYTE), b. ???, d. ???

* Notes; William OLIPHANT (b. abt 1728), and Henry OLIPHANT (b.1741) were brothers. Their respective wives, Mary BARKER (b. 1733), and Christian BARKER (b. 1741) were sisters.

Click here to download as a PDF file;
HUTCHISON ancestors – Jan2014version

I can go back 2 further generations from Robert OLIPHANT (b. abt 1696), and 1 further generation from George BARKER (b. 1704). But that gets a bit leggy in this format, in a WordPress post! So I’ll stop at 6 generations.

* Sources;

Hutchison family tree – compiled circa 1987, by Douglas HUTCHISON (C.B.E.), of Bolfracks, Aberfeldy, Perthshire.

OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy – Tree compiled by James Hunter MacGregor (genealogist), June 1917, now in the library at St Andrews University, Fife. Comissioned by Mary Christian HUTCHISON, dau. of Robert HUTCHISON and Mary OLIPHANT. Thanks to Roddy OLIPHANT for finding this document and sharing it over the internet with the current descendants of the Kirkcaldy OLIPHANTs. Also to the other relatives, particularly Anne HAENGA and Gordon McCONNELL (both in New Zealand), for their input – correcting some errors in James Hunter’s origional work, and adding new details. Several long forum threads between us can be found on the OLIPHANT GenForum at Genealogy.com

A letter to me from Robin HUTCHISON (my Great Uncle) in Aug 2004 with various notes, including a transcribed extract from Mary WHITE’s Diary, circa 1867 – “kept while she was visiting her scottish relatives” around Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Family notes – kept by Priscilla HUTCHISON in a notebook/diary titled “A Diary of Edinburgh”.

International Genealogical Index (IGI) – My own searches of the index, used mainly to double-check other sources. Not to be fully relied on by itself. Given the chance I like to look at the OPR microfilms (from which the IGI is transcribed), which tend to contain many more details than the IGI.

My apologies if I’ve missed any particular sources or credits that I should have given. I believe that these are my major sources.

Names and locations of interest

In this post I’m going to try and list all the surnames and locations that are of interest to me on this site. I expect to come back to add to or edit this list from time to time. [See the Names of Interest pages for updates].

SURNAMEs here are written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Place names are written with just the first letter in Capital. These places might be individual houses or farms, the parish, village, or town where someone lived or worked, or a wider geographical area.

Alternative spelling variations will be shown in italics. These will appear (in brackets) following what I consider to be the main spelling, or themselves followed (in brackets) by the main spelling.

I will attempt to use all these names as “Tags” in any posts that relate to that name.

So, in no particular order;

HUTCHISON, OLIPHANT, & BARKER – all in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

WALTON, & HENDERSON – in Renfrewshire, Scotland


MAWER – in Sibsey, Lincolnshire.

WALKER – in Kirkliston, West Lothian.

JOHNSTON – in Bathgate, West Lothian.

FLINT – in West Lothian

BARRON (vari.; BARON) – in Mid Lothian / West Lothian.

CADZOW (vari.; KADZOW) – in Lanarkshire, Scotland.


FRY – from Wiltshire / Bristol.

EYRE – from London.

BUCKNALL – in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

OLIPHANT papers index

Several years ago I looked through a bundle of old family papers from the 1700 & 1800’s relating to ancestors of mine; the OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy, in Fife, Scotland. There are two old brown paper envelopes, labeled “Oliphant papers”, each containing a number of documents, which I set to work on, cataloging, scanning, and beginning to transcribe them.

I will post the scanned images in future posts here, with some attempt to transcribe them; each document in its own post. Before that I’m posting (below) my basic index list of those documents. I will hyperlink from this index to the posts containing the scanned images once I post them.

In the following posts about these OLIPHANT papers, transcribed text (when available) will appear in a Maroon colour below each scanned image. I will use [square brackets] where I’m not totally sure of the original handwriting, but can make a good stab at interpreting it, or where I want to add a little extra, e.g. to expand on a handwritten abbreviation (so that everyone understands it).

[…] – means that I’m very unsure of the original word! So have a look at the original image, and let me know if you think that you can decipher it. :) Thanks.

# – (hash-tag) in my transcription indicates a change of line in the original text.

I aim to “tag” these posts with as many names as I can, of the people, places, etc, that appear in the original document. That should help to make these documents findable in search-engines by anyone who might be interested in their contents.

You will also see below this index, some notes I made about embossed marks that appear on many of the sheets of paper (but which do not show up in the scans!). I would be interested in whether anyone can tell me more about these markings.

The titles in the index are usually based on the first few words in the document.

Envelope 1;

  1. Document by John Peal, Edinburgh, 6th April 1799 [note 1]
  2. Disposition of George Barker; to his grandchildren, dated 8th May 1784
  3. the late Mr Henry Oliphant; Property [note 2]
  4. Proprietors of […] East Half, of [Big] House on the Head of the Harbour; settled 15th November 1823 [note 3]
  5. Dear Brother [short letter; no date; might be a missing second part!]
  6. Note of A. Anderson … at the Glasgow Bank; 1827 [note 4]
  7. Trust Disposition and Settlement by Robert Oliphant
  8. Mr Hy. Oliphant estate [note 5]
  9. Mr Baxter, Gary Street, Newington; 1825
  10. Betty or Elizabeth Baxter [note 6]

Some notes about the paper in Envelope 1;

  1. 2 sheets of paper both embossed ” 1816 “, and with a shield design (as for “W Cadell & Co” – see notes 3 & 6 ).
  2. Paper embossed ” 1808 “.
  3. Paper embossed; ” W CADELL & Co ,  1821 “, and with a shield design.
  4. Paper embossed ” 1824 “.
  5. Paper embossed; ” C WILMOTT & Co ,  1818 “.
  6. Paper embossed; ” W CADELL & Co ,  1821 “, and with a shield design.

Envelope 2;

  1. Bundle of 35 receipts; dated 1843
  2. Settlement by George Barker; in favour of his grandchildren; 8th May 1784 (copy) [note 1]
  3. Memo; re Henry Oliphant, by his settlement, 3rd Dec 1821 [note 2]
  4. Letter from Mr Dougall, to Betty Baxter, 27th Sept 1821 [note 3]
  5. I Robert Oliphant; dated 29th December 1825 [note 4]
  6. Andrew Ingram; Letter to Henry Oliphant; 13 January 1808
  7. Proprietors of the East half of Big House on Head of the Harbour; 6th May 1823 [note 5]
  8. Copy of Discharge, 28th Feb 1821 [note 6]
  9. Agreement between the tutors of John Aitken, and Christian Barker; 1768 [note 7]
  10. Receipt for church repairs; dated January 1830.

Notes about the paper in Envelope 2;

  1. Paper embossed ” 181? ” (possibly 1810?), and with a shield design (as for “W Cadell & Co”).
  2. Paper embossed with a shield design.
  3. Paper embossed; ” C WILMOTT  ,  1818 “.
  4. Paper embossed; ” J WHATMAN , TURKEY MILL , 1820 “.
  5. Paper embossed; ” T  ,  1821 “, and with a shield design.
  6. Paper embossed; ” 1821 “, and with a shield design.
  7. Paper embossed; ” 1816 “, and with a shield design.