OLIPHANT papers – Memo re. Henry OLIPHANT, by his settlement

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This is one of several documents relating to the estate of Henry Oliphant.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 2; document 3;


Transcription of memo;

[In] Henry Oliphant by his settlement directed #
his Trustees to [buy] out £800 [upon] good heritable or personal #
security for [behoof] of each of Mrs Beveridge & Mrs Rob’ #
Oliphant taking [bonds] for the same payable to each #
in life rent and to the Children [procreated] or to #
be [procreated] of their bodies equally amongst them #
share & share alike in fee exclude the fees […] #
of [mrs] Beveridge & [Mrs] Oliphant [..] #

My opinion is that the most simple and #
the best mode for the Trustees to carry the […] #
of the [trustee] into effect is that each of [Mrs] Beveridge & #
[Mrs] Oliphant should grant bonds either heritable #
Bonds or personal bonds with one or two responsible persons #
as sureties for the £800 these Bonds to be Conceived #
in the terms directed by the settlement; the Ladies #
with the consent of their husbands respectively #
beclaring that the security for the £800 [so] granted #
is accepted of in full of all they can ask or claim #
through their fathers decease or the decease of #
their mother or their Grandfather by the Mothers #
side in any manner of way.

The security ought to be such as the Trustees #
or any other prudent man [could] be inclined to #
accept of were it their own money they were #
laying out.

Signed, A Forsyth
Edinburgh, 3rd December 1821


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