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OLIPHANT papers – letter from Mr DOUGALL, to Betty BAXTER

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OLIPHANT papers; envelope 2; document 4;

Cover; Miss Betty BaxterTranscription of cover;

Miss Betty Baxter

Mr Dougall
Betty Baxter

Letter; Inside letter to Betty BaxterTranscription of letter;

Kirkaldy, 27 Sept 1821
The [inclosed] is a copy of Deed of Settlement
in favor of my dear Eliza & in which I have also
made [provision] for you – the [original] [paper] is
inclosed in a tin box which is [left] [in] [possess-]
[-ion] of Mr Robert Oliphant and this copy was
with myself.
As this paper will only come to you
in the [event] of my death my request to you
is that you pay all the [care] & [attention] in
your [power] to my dear little darling Eliza
and let her want nothing that can tend to her
comfort while she is along with you
George Dougall

OLIPHANT papers – Betty or Elizabeth BAXTER

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OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 10;

Cover; cover_Betty-Elizabeth

Transcription of cover;

Betty [or] Elizabeth BAXER

Inside – attached certificate; inside_attached-cert

Transcription of attached certificate;

I X Robert Jameson {x Allan Grant}, Messenger at Arms, by virtue of letters in supplement of the # Sheriff Depute of the Shire of Fife his Precept # [interponed] to the [summonds] therein mentioned # [where]of the foregoing is a full double to the will /- # which […] [there] are … # dated and signeted the twenty second day of December [barrent**] # at the instance of Robert Oliphant shipowner in Kirkaldy, Mrs # Janet Oliphant his wife, John Spittall merchant # in Kirkaldy and Alexander Forsyth writer in Edinburgh # tutors & curators nominated & appointed by the lately # deceased George Dougall Esq of Kirkcaldy to his infant # daughter Elizabeth Dougall during her minority [complainers] # in his Majesty’s name and authority, summon, warn, and charge you Betty or Elizabeth # Baxter mother of the said pupil #

to compear before the said Sheriff Depute or his substitutes at # Cupar #

within the ordinary court-place where they are in use to sit for the administration of justice, the # […] day of […] in the hour of cause, with continuation of # days, to answer at the instance of the said complainers in the matter and to the effect mentioned # in the said letters, with certification as effeirs. This I do, upon the twenty third day of # December One thousand eight hundred and twenty three years, before these witnesses, # Peter M’Niven, William Butter, George Dippie, James Thain, Charles Wilson, [William Forrest], # [Kenneth Morison], – indwellers in Edinburgh. # Rob Jameson

Inside – side 1; inside_side1_ed

Transcription of side 1;

Andrew Clephane Esq advocate Sheriff #
Depute of the Shire of Fife to #
[Maids] of officers of the said Shire #
[conly] and [seally] specially constituted #
Greeting Whereas it is humbly meant #
& [shewn] to me and my substitute #
by Robert Oliphant shipowner in #
Kirkaldy, Mrs Janet Oliphant #
his wife, John Spittal merchant #
in Kirkaldy and Alex Forsyth writer #
in Edinburgh  Tutors & curators nominated #
and appointed by the lately deceased #
George Dougall Esq of Kirkaldy to his #
infant Daughter, Elizabeth Dougall #
[conform] to Deed of conveyance #
executed by him [upon] the #
12th Oct 1820 & recorded in the Books of #
Council & session, as a probative writ, the #
5th of September 1823 whereby for the #
causes therein mentioned he the said #
George Dougall gave granted assigned #
and conveyed to & in favor of John #
Pratt manufacturer in Linktown #
of Kirkaldy (who declined to accept) – #
Alex Forsyth writer in Edinburgh, John #
Spittal, merch[ant] in Kirkaldy & #
Robert Oliphant shipowner there #
and the [acceptors] & [acceptors] of #
them & the [survivors] or survivor #
of those who might accept all #
& sundry his whole moveable #
Estate and Effects [Debts] & sums #
of money as therein mentioned #
to be held by his [said] trustees #
for the behoof* of the said Elizabeth #
Dougall his daughter during her #
minority, as in manner therein #

Inside – side 2; inside_side2-reverse_ed

Transcription of side 2;

mentioned, and also [he] [herely] con-#
-stituted & appointed the said #
John Pratt who declines accepting #
and the said Alex Forsyth, John #
Spittal and Robert Oliphant; #
and also the said Mrs Janet #
Oliphant and such of [these] #
as should accept & the survivors #
& successor of them, to be the tutors #
& [educators] to his said Daughter; #
as the said deed of conveyance #
here [with] [produced] more #
fully leaves; And it being #
incumbent upon the [com-#
-planers] to give up [inventorie] #
of the said Elizabeth Dougall’s #
means and Estate as prescribed #
by act of Parliament anno 1672 #
Entitled “Act Anent Pupils #
“and Minors and their Tutors #
“and Curators” It is necessary #
thereto that the persons #
after named & designed #
nearest in kin to the said #
pupil on the father’s side #
and mother’s side [be] #
lawfully summoned #
to [con…] with the #
complaniers as tutors #
and curators forsaid #
in making up the said #
[Inventories] [Heerefore] it is #
my Will [x.. x..]

Notes on terms used in the text;

  • “Messenger at Arms” (Wikipedia). [Although I could not decipher the surname of “Robert Jameson” from this document, a bit of web-searching for “”Messenger at Arms” “Edinburgh”” revealed records for Robert Jameson, HERE, and for the death of Allan Grant (who’s name is crossed out) on 1st January 1824. HERE ]
  • “Sheriff Depute” (Wikipedia)
  • “barrent” (Wikipedia); third-person plural.
  • “behoof” (Wikipedia); meaning ‘benefit’ / ‘advantage’.

I’ll try to add a brief family tree to explain some of the people and relationships contained in this document.

George BARKER, b. 1704, married Christian BELL (or BETT) in 1732, and they had 3 daughters;

  • Mary BARKER, b. 1733, m. 1763 to William OLIPHANT (b. 1728).
  • Agnes BARKER, b. 1736, m. 1762 to George DOUGALL [1].
  • Christian BARKER, b. 1741, m. 1766 to Henry OLIPHANT (b. 1741).

Mary BARKER and William OLIPHANT had 5 children, including Robert OLIPHANT, b. 1765 (who is named in the document above)

Christian BARKER and Henry OLIPHANT had 4 children, including Janet OLIPHANT, b. 1777 (named in the document above, and who was married to her cousin Robert).

Agnes BARKER and George DOUGALL [1] had 3 sons, including George DOUGALL [2], b. 1763, who is the “father” named in this document.

A search of the IGI suggests that Elizabeth DOUGALL (the “daughter” named in this document), was christened. 30/7/1819, at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, to George DOUGALL and an Elizabeth BAXTERS. [IGI batch no; C11987-7, Microfilm; 1066756  103059]

OLIPHANT papers – Mr BAXTER, Gray Street, Newington, 1825

For some context, and an index to these documents, please SEE HERE.

If you can help with the transcription of these documents please get in touch.

Please click on the images to see the scans at full resolution.

To give a little background context to this document, the information that I have is that a George DOUGAL (or DUGAL) married Agnes BARKER in 1762, and I have note of them having 3 sons. Agnes BARKER had 2 sisters (Mary and Christian), who married brothers from the OLIPHANT family – both of whom are my direct ancestors.

EDIT; At first glance I took the surname to which this letter is addressed, to be “BARKER”! But having transcribed it, then looked closer at what it says, and done a little digging into other records, I’ve found that George DOUGAL and Agnes BARKER’s oldest son (also ‘George’), had a daughter (Elizabeth, chr.30/7/1819 at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh) outside of marrage, with an Elizabeth BAXTER. So this letter (and 2 other documents HERE and HERE) appear to relate to the custody of that child.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 9;

Cover – address; cover_address

Transcription of cover – address;

Mr Baxter # Gray Street # Newington

inside – left page; inside-left

Transcription of inside – left page;

Edin. 17 Dec 1824. The Lords having corse #
[dered] [the] [mutual] memorials & whole [cause] #
before answer appoint the [trustees] of the #
said George DOUGALL to lodge a [con…] [.] #
[stating] [what] [sum] they propose to pay to the #
[pursuer] Elizabeth BAXTER in name of [Alim.] #
for Elizabeth DOUGALL in case she shall #
[persist] in [claiming] the custody of her the #
[con…] to be [prented] & […] on or #
before the […] day in the [needs] under an #
[amend] of Ten pounds sterling –

inside – right page; inside-right

Transcription of inside – right page;

Edin. 5 July 1825.
The Lords having resumed consideration of this #
cause and advised the [mutual] memorials for the #
parties with the [condescendance] for Mr DOUGALLs Trustees #
Defenders and the answers thereto for Mrs Elizabeth #
BAXTER [pursuer] they find the said Trustees Defenders #
liable to [furnish] to the pursuer as aliment for his [daughter] #
the yearly sum of One hundred & Fifty pounds stirling [&] #
that from George DOUGALLs death 26th August 1823 to #
be paid to her in advance and by half yearly payments #
as also in the yearly sum of Forty pounds sterling for the #
[rents] of a house and that by half yearly payments #
as also in the yearly sum of £40 sterling for the [rents] #
~~~ house and that by half yearly payments & [de~~~] #
~~~. Find the Trustees liable to the [pur…] #
in expences appoints an account to be given [in] #
and [comit] it when lodged to the auditor to [take] #
and report and [find] that all the expences [incurred] #
in the [discussion] are to be paid out of and charged #
by the Trustees against the Trust funds and also [find] #
the said [defenders] liable in such reasonable [forms] #
of expence as may be necessarily laid out or incurred #
in the education of the said Elizabeth BAXTER such sums #
to be paid on a regular account with sufficient vouchers #
being [exhibited] and that half yearly and […]. #
two words delete #
signed 8[th] July – [C] Hope [J.P.D.]

Back page; back

Transcription of back page;

Mr A Scott with Comp~ to MRS BAXTER begs to #
enclose copies of the Interlocutors [pronounced] by the #
court & signed ^ today in the [process] between her and Mr Dougall’s #
Trustees, – and to congratulate her upon the success- #
-ful termination of this cause. – [Mr.] will call upon #
[Mrs] B. some day soon.

17 George Street #
8 July 1825

Notes on terms used in the text;

OLIPHANT papers – receipt bundle

This post contains the details of a bundle of 35 receipts, dated 1843, that are part of one of two envelopes of old documents relating to the OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy in Fife.

To see my index of the other documents in these envelopes, please CLICK HERE.

There are 35 receipts;
Most are dated 1843.
Most are billed to Mrs Oliphant.
They are listed here in the order in which they were found bundled.

(Click on the receipt images to view as slide shows at a larger scale. To exit a slide show, click the “X” in the top left corner.)

  1. Paid 31st July 1843; £ -/2/- ; to John [Skinner?]
  2. dated 24th October 1843; £3/18/4 ; to Alex McLean
  3. dated 1843; £ -/8/- ; to Robert Hutchison & Co.
  4. dated 1843; £ -/12/6 ½ ; to Mr Thomson
  5. dated 1843; £ -/11/2 ; to Jacob [Fawcett?]
  6. Paid 17th Oct 1843; £ -/14/6 ; to Robert Hutchison & Co.
  7. Paid 20th March 1843; £ 1/15/- ; to [Mrs?] Davie
  8. dated 5th Oct 1843; £ -/5/3 ; to The Fife Sentinel (newspaper)
  9. dated 1843; £ -/8/- ; to Mr Thomson
  10. dated 1843; £ -/6/6 ; to Mr A Strange
  11. dated 25th March 1843; £ 1/-/- ; to Kirkcaldy Burgh
  12. dated 1843; £ 2/17/5 ; to Tho. Dryburgh re “Assessed Taxes”
  13. dated 19th July 1843; £ -/3/6 ; to Mr Morton
  14. paid 3rd July 1843; £ 1/6/3 ; to Kirkcaldy China Store
  15. paid 7th July 1843; £6/10/- ; to Allardice & Sclanders
  16. paid 11th July 1843; £-/4/7 ; to J & J Baxter, Glass Cutters
  17. paid 26th Sept 1843; £-/14/11 ; to George Hepburn, Grocer
  18. paid 17th Oct 1843; £-/8/- ; to J Meldrum
  19. paid 3rd Jan 1843; £-/4/- ; to John Skinner
  20. 1843 [3 receipts]; £-/13/9 [total]; to James Steel, Haberdasher.
  21. paid 5th Dec 1843; £3/19/- ; to Andrew Fleming & Co.
  22. paid 17th July 1843; £3/5/1 ½ ; to Meldrum sisters
  23. paid 17th Feb 1843; £-/-/10 ; to John Anderson
  24. dated 1843; £-/11/5 ; to Alex Hutchison
  25. dated 1843; £-/7/6 ; to Alex Hutchison
  26. dated 1843; £-/8/7 ; to Alex Hutchison
  27. dated 1843; £1/10/- ; to Richard Smith
  28. paid 4th Jan 1843; £3/5/- ; to Alex Russell & Son
  29. paid 2nd Jan 1843; £-/15/4 ; to Robert Brownlee
  30. paid 9th Jan 1843; £-/11/6 ; to Miss Slate
  31. paid 9th Jan 1843; £2/5/4 ; to Miss Slate
  32. £-/18/4 ; to ?
  33. dated 1843; £-/16/5 ; to Alex Hutchison
  34. May 1842; £1/-/- ; Burgh Tax, Kirkcaldy
  35. May 1842; £2/17/5 ; Assessed Taxes

I’m adding my scanned images of these receipts as several small galleries (due to the number of images). For most of the receipts I have two images – front and back (labeled “a” & “b”). Click on any receipt image to view that gallery as a slide show at a larger scale. Fuller transcriptions of the receipts are included as captions to the images. From the slide show you can open full resolution views of the scanned images.