OLIPHANT papers – letter from Mr DOUGALL, to Betty BAXTER

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See 2 other documents (with notes) relating to George Dougall and Betty Baxter HERE and HERE.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 2; document 4;

Cover; Miss Betty BaxterTranscription of cover;

Miss Betty Baxter

Mr Dougall
Betty Baxter

Letter; Inside letter to Betty BaxterTranscription of letter;

Kirkaldy, 27 Sept 1821
The [inclosed] is a copy of Deed of Settlement
in favor of my dear Eliza & in which I have also
made [provision] for you – the [original] [paper] is
inclosed in a tin box which is [left] [in] [possess-]
[-ion] of Mr Robert Oliphant and this copy was
with myself.
As this paper will only come to you
in the [event] of my death my request to you
is that you pay all the [care] & [attention] in
your [power] to my dear little darling Eliza
and let her want nothing that can tend to her
comfort while she is along with you
George Dougall


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