Names of Interest

surnames-wordcloud-11_wordle-net_trim2After initially posting an article on the blog about “Names and locations of interest“, I am now making a couple pages to list all the SURNAMES and Locations that are of interest to me on this site, in alphabetical order (for ease of searching).

Also, since having joined my local Family History Society in 2015, I have posted a “Names of Interest update” on the blog, with a copy of the list that I’ve submitted for their 2016 “Members’ Interests Directory”, which includes most of the names on the SURNAMES page, with some indication of the dates of interest.


wordle-net_surnames-wordcloud-20_trim5 wordle-net_locations-wordcloud-15_trim5

SURNAMES   –   Locations

For each surname, I hope to including (where I can) a brief summary about the family; where they lived, their occupations, etc. Each location listed will include a note of which family name(s) it is associated with.

Locations might include individual houses or farms, the parish, village, or town where someone lived or worked, or a wider geographical area. I will try to indicate which of these it is.

SURNAMEs are written in CAPITAL LETTERS. An additional surname [in square brackets] indicates which branch of my family tree that first surname is connected to.

Place names are written with just the first letter in Capital.

Alternative spelling variations of surnames and locations will be shown in italics, alongside what I consider to be the main spelling.

I will attempt to use all these names as “Tags” in any posts that relate to that name.

SURNAMES; wordle-net_surnames-wordcloud-20_trim5

Locations; wordle-net_locations-wordcloud-15_trim5


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