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Scotland trip – May 2017 – day 6

I’m aiming to write and post a little bit each day about the family history research I’m doing, and what I find, during a week staying​ in Edinburgh. But for personal privacy, the posting of these travels on AFamilyHistoryBlog will be delayed by a few days, and will not necessarily be in day by day order! Some of these posts may be given later tweaks, with added photos, etc.

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I took the train to Kirkcaldy, in Fife, where I went first into the museum and gallery, next to the railway station. I had a good look round the museum, and then the gallery, where there was a painting on display by my Great-grandfather, Sir William Oliphant Hutchison, of his wife Margery (Walton) and their two sons, Peter and Robert.

I then went into the local and family history room to see what I could find there. The librarian looked out for me a book titled “The Hutchisons of Kirkcaldy; A History of the Family and the Firm”. No author was identified for this text! But it looks likely to me to be by “J. Douglas Hutchison”, who complied the Hutchison family tree that I have a copy of (dated 1987), which traces the family (descendants) of the corn merchant and founder of Hutchisons Mill, Robert Hutchison, and his wife, Mary Oliphant. Title page

After looking through some of this book, I asked the librarian if I could copy some of it, using the camera on my tablet to turn it into a PDF file. But due to copyright principles, I could only copy a small portion of the book! So I focused on the start of the book, which dealt a little with some earlier generations of the Hutchison family, and with Robert Hutchison’s life up to the point of his marriage to Mary Oliphant in 1837. I would be very interested to obtain a copy of the whole document. If anyone can provide me with a copy, or knows where I can get one, then please leave a comment below, or use the Contact Page to get in touch. Thanks.

When I left Kirkcaldy Galleries, I went to have a little look round the town. Looking in the graveyard of Kirkcaldy Old Kirk, I found and gravestones with inscriptions to several members of the OLIPHANT and HUTCHISON families which I took photos of. These inscriptions included Robert HUTCHISON, and his wives; Mary OLIPHANT, and Jessie THOMSON. Another gravestone named Mary OLIPHANT’s Great-grandparents; “Robert OLIPHANT” and “Janet BETT”, “set up by” Mary’s grandfathers; “William and Henry OLIPHANT”. OLIPHANT gravestone in Kirkcaldy old kirkyard

OLIPHANT papers – receipt bundle

This post contains the details of a bundle of 35 receipts, dated 1843, that are part of one of two envelopes of old documents relating to the OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy in Fife.

To see my index of the other documents in these envelopes, please CLICK HERE.

There are 35 receipts;
Most are dated 1843.
Most are billed to Mrs Oliphant.
They are listed here in the order in which they were found bundled.

(Click on the receipt images to view as slide shows at a larger scale. To exit a slide show, click the “X” in the top left corner.)

  1. Paid 31st July 1843; £ -/2/- ; to John [Skinner?]
  2. dated 24th October 1843; £3/18/4 ; to Alex McLean
  3. dated 1843; £ -/8/- ; to Robert Hutchison & Co.
  4. dated 1843; £ -/12/6 ½ ; to Mr Thomson
  5. dated 1843; £ -/11/2 ; to Jacob [Fawcett?]
  6. Paid 17th Oct 1843; £ -/14/6 ; to Robert Hutchison & Co.
  7. Paid 20th March 1843; £ 1/15/- ; to [Mrs?] Davie
  8. dated 5th Oct 1843; £ -/5/3 ; to The Fife Sentinel (newspaper)
  9. dated 1843; £ -/8/- ; to Mr Thomson
  10. dated 1843; £ -/6/6 ; to Mr A Strange
  11. dated 25th March 1843; £ 1/-/- ; to Kirkcaldy Burgh
  12. dated 1843; £ 2/17/5 ; to Tho. Dryburgh re “Assessed Taxes”
  13. dated 19th July 1843; £ -/3/6 ; to Mr Morton
  14. paid 3rd July 1843; £ 1/6/3 ; to Kirkcaldy China Store
  15. paid 7th July 1843; £6/10/- ; to Allardice & Sclanders
  16. paid 11th July 1843; £-/4/7 ; to J & J Baxter, Glass Cutters
  17. paid 26th Sept 1843; £-/14/11 ; to George Hepburn, Grocer
  18. paid 17th Oct 1843; £-/8/- ; to J Meldrum
  19. paid 3rd Jan 1843; £-/4/- ; to John Skinner
  20. 1843 [3 receipts]; £-/13/9 [total]; to James Steel, Haberdasher.
  21. paid 5th Dec 1843; £3/19/- ; to Andrew Fleming & Co.
  22. paid 17th July 1843; £3/5/1 ½ ; to Meldrum sisters
  23. paid 17th Feb 1843; £-/-/10 ; to John Anderson
  24. dated 1843; £-/11/5 ; to Alex Hutchison
  25. dated 1843; £-/7/6 ; to Alex Hutchison
  26. dated 1843; £-/8/7 ; to Alex Hutchison
  27. dated 1843; £1/10/- ; to Richard Smith
  28. paid 4th Jan 1843; £3/5/- ; to Alex Russell & Son
  29. paid 2nd Jan 1843; £-/15/4 ; to Robert Brownlee
  30. paid 9th Jan 1843; £-/11/6 ; to Miss Slate
  31. paid 9th Jan 1843; £2/5/4 ; to Miss Slate
  32. £-/18/4 ; to ?
  33. dated 1843; £-/16/5 ; to Alex Hutchison
  34. May 1842; £1/-/- ; Burgh Tax, Kirkcaldy
  35. May 1842; £2/17/5 ; Assessed Taxes

I’m adding my scanned images of these receipts as several small galleries (due to the number of images). For most of the receipts I have two images – front and back (labeled “a” & “b”). Click on any receipt image to view that gallery as a slide show at a larger scale. Fuller transcriptions of the receipts are included as captions to the images. From the slide show you can open full resolution views of the scanned images.