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WO Hutchison portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to be sold at auction in Edinburgh

I have heard this evening (from an uncle) that a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, painted by my Great-Grandfather; William Oliphant Hutchison, is due to be sold at auction by Bonhams in Edinburgh on 12th April 2016.

Here is the press release from the Bonhams website;

Sir William Oliphant Hutchison PRSA RP (British, 1889-1970) Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen

A portrait of Her Majesty the Queen by the Scottish artist, Sir William Oliphant Hutchison, is to be sold at Bonhams annual Scottish Sale on 12 April. It is estimated at £30,000-50,000.

Until it was acquired by its current owner, the painting hung for many years on the walls of the former Police Staff College at Bramshill House in Hampshire.

Sir William was born in Fife in 1889 and studied at Edinburgh College of Art (1909-12) under E. A. Walton, one of the Glasgow Boys group of artists, whose daughter he married. He also spent time working and studying in Paris.

On leaving college in 1912, he founded the Edinburgh Group which exhibited for three consecutive years before the First World War intervened.

As a painter, Hutchison specialized in portraits and after the retirement of Sir James Gunn assumed the mantle of Scotland’s premier society portraitist. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh owns five of his works including a study of the Queen dating from 1956. The BBC owns another portrait of Her Majesty also from 1956 and Hutchison painted Prince Philip in the late 1950s. One of these is owned by the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, and one by the Defense Academy of the United Kingdom. His well-known portrait of the novelist Dorothy L. Sayers hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Bonhams Head of Scottish Art, Chris Brickley, said: “Sir William was a pillar of the Scottish art establishment – Director of the Glasgow School of Art from 1933 to 1943 and the President of the Royal Scottish Academy during most of the 1950s – but he also was a very fine artist. His works rarely appear at auction and I expect his portrait of the Queen to attract considerable interest.”

William Hutchison who was an Honorary Royal Academician, was knighted in 1953 and died in London in 1970.

Bonhams’ annual Scottish sale is now in its 17th year. As usual it will feature works by leading Scottish artists as well as a huge range of objects related to Scotland from highland dress and weapons to silver and glass; from books and furniture to ceramics. The sale will take place at Bonhams Edinburgh saleroom, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JJ over two days, 12 and 13 April.William-Oliphant-Hutchison_portrait-of-Queen-Elizabeth-II_Bonhams-auction-2016_c

Another website describes the painting as an “oil on canvas, 245cm x 153cm (8ft ½in x 5ft ¼in), in a carved giltwood frame surmounted by a coronet”.

Other details of the auction are available here; http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/23492/

Images of a selection of William Oliphant Hutchison’s paintings, that are owned by public collections in the UK, can be seen on the BBC’s “Your Paintings” website; http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/artists/william-oliphant-hutchison

I have just found a piece about W.O. Hutchison, with photos of him (including one with the Queen), and of some of his paintings, here; http://tweedlandthegentlemansclub.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/sir-william-oliphant-hutchison.html

What I know about my Great-Grandfather W.O. Hutchison’s ancestry, I have posted here; https://afamilyhistoryblog.wordpress.com/family-trees/hutchison-tree/ or please see the tag, and the HUTCHISON and OLIPHANT categories of this site.

HUTCHISON family gathering – May 2015

During the May half-term week, 2015, the Hutchison family had a great time on our regular “big family holiday”. This has typically been held every two years in recent times. But this time was the second consecutive year that we’ve been to stay at a site in the Teifi Valley, south Wales (on the border between Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion). Finding places to stay that can accommodate such a large family group is very challenging, and this site fitted us very well.

The extended HUTCHISON family (4 generations) – whole group photo, dressed up as “pirates”, on the BIG family holiday, May 2015

The family group this time totaled 39 people; 4 generations; 27 adults, plus 2 teenagers, and 10 aged 10 or under. The young second cousins all had a great time running around together. A theme of “Pirates”  had been set for the week, and one evening we all dressed up for a “Pirate party” – partly as a birthday party for one of my cousins, who’s birthday it was that day, and also for the 4 other family members with birthdays in May. This is when we had a whole group photo.

During the week my gran gave little St John’s Gospels to various family members. These gospels are replicas of ones given to soldiers in the First World War, which were produced last year to mark the 100th anniversary of the war.

20150616_153923 20150616_153728 20150616_153832

These replica gospels were being given away through local churches and my gran had picked up 10 copies with the idea of giving one to each grandchild, with some details added about their Great-grandfathers who had served in the First World War. And she had tasked me with compiling those details to add to the gospels.

It was a challenge working out what to fit into such a small page space – the booklets are 11.5 cm (4 ½”) high x 7 cm (2 ¾”) wide! The details I was able to include – on a single extra page stuck inside the front of the booklets – were as follows;

  • William Oliphant HUTCHISON; b. 2/7/1889, Kirkcaldy, Fife. d. 5/2/1970, Kensington, London. Family were Corn Merchants in Kirkcaldy. He studied art at Edinburgh College of Art; 1909 – 1912. Served in the Royal Garrison Artillery during WW1, in Malta and in France, where he was severely wounded.
  • Ernest Garfield SWAIN; b. 20/8/1881, Leicester. d. 26/3/1968 (aged 86). Shoe and boot maker “E.G.Swain & Co.”, then Wholesale Confectionary for Clarnico & Co. Enlisted in the Leicester Regiment (TA) circa 1915. Appointed an officer; Second Lieutenant, Territorial Force, 4th Battalion (1/4th Battalion) The Leicestershire Regiment, on 21/11/1915. Deployed to France, where he suffered shrapnel injuries to his left leg and eye.

20150616_153613 20150616_153713 20150616_153753

Currently we’re not sure of the whereabouts of any of the medals that either of these two Great-grandfathers had (possibly somewhere in the wider families)! But I’ve had a search of the British Army medal index cards, on-line at the National Archives (UK), where I believe I’ve identified both their records, which I could order digital images of to gain some more details of their war service.

OLIPHANT papers – Note of A. ANDERSON at the Glasgow Bank

For some context, and an index to these documents, please SEE HERE.

If you can help with the transcription of these documents please get in touch.

Please click on the images to see the scans at full resolution.

PDF-logo Attached is a .pdf of the Descendants of Henry OLIPHANT (b. 1741), which I hope helps to explain the relationships in the document below.

George BEVERIDGE, Robert OLIPHANT, William THOMSON, and Alexander ANDERSON, were all sons-in-law of Henry OLIPHANT. Robert was also Henry’s nephew.

Robert OLIPHANT (Jr), Henry, William and James OLIPHANT, were the surviving sons of Henry OLIPHANT, by his second wife, Janet HUTCHISON (or HUTCHESON).

Please see the “Henry Oliphant estate” tag for all the documents relating to his estate.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 6;

Cover;  note-cover

Inside; note-inside


Note of Mr A. Anderson […] at Glasgow Bank
1827 – May 1st; Principal sum due at Bank […] Note ; £1045 –  2s – 8d ;  —- . —- . —-
Interest calculated up to 15 May ; £45 – 13s – 4d ;  —- . —- . —-
—————- ; ——————
£1090 – 16s – -d ;  —- . —- . —-
one half of which is ; —- . —- . —- ; £545 – 8s – -d

Mr Geo[rge] Beveridge’s one eighth prop[ortion] ; £ 68 – 3s – 6d ;  —- . —- . —-
Rob[ert] Oliphant’s —-“—- —-“—- —–“—– ; £ 68 – 3s – 6d ;  —- . —- . —-
Mr Thomson’s  proportion  ; £ 81 – 16s – 2 7/8d ;  —- . —- . —-
Rt. (Robert) Oliphant [Jr]’s  ——-“——   ; £ 81 – 16s – 2 5/8d ;  —- . —- . —-
Henry Oliphant’s heir’s   ——-“——   ; £ 81 – 16s – 2 5/8d ;  —- . —- . —-
Wm. (William) Oliphant’s   ——-“——   ; £ 81 – 16s – 2 5/8d ;  —- . —- . —-
Ja. (James) Oliphant’s   ——-“——   ; £ 81 – 16s – 2 5/8d ;  —- . —- . —-
================ ; —————–
; £545 – 8s – -d

Mr Ferguson gave up to Mr Anderson the [composition] of £3/6 […]
upon this one half of the cash acc[ount] but […] it [and] upon the
understanding that his friends would do the same in order to
benefit his family. Rob[ert] and Wm. (William) Oliphant have no [obligations]
as to this altho they will be under the [necesity] of [paying] Mr Thomson’s
proportion without the [smallest] chance of [over] […] [back]
a farthing as he [has] [not] the means Mr […] [states] that
Mr Ferguson would be ready with his half at [Whit sunday]
and it is […] able that a settlement should be made
finally at that [point] as in the [care] of his death [are]
Bank[…] [happening] amongst the [parties] it [will]
become much [harder] generally – The allocating of the
[composition] […] […] it is [de…able] to […] […]
it will be allo[acted] –

OLIPHANT papers – receipt bundle

This post contains the details of a bundle of 35 receipts, dated 1843, that are part of one of two envelopes of old documents relating to the OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy in Fife.

To see my index of the other documents in these envelopes, please CLICK HERE.

There are 35 receipts;
Most are dated 1843.
Most are billed to Mrs Oliphant.
They are listed here in the order in which they were found bundled.

(Click on the receipt images to view as slide shows at a larger scale. To exit a slide show, click the “X” in the top left corner.)

  1. Paid 31st July 1843; £ -/2/- ; to John [Skinner?]
  2. dated 24th October 1843; £3/18/4 ; to Alex McLean
  3. dated 1843; £ -/8/- ; to Robert Hutchison & Co.
  4. dated 1843; £ -/12/6 ½ ; to Mr Thomson
  5. dated 1843; £ -/11/2 ; to Jacob [Fawcett?]
  6. Paid 17th Oct 1843; £ -/14/6 ; to Robert Hutchison & Co.
  7. Paid 20th March 1843; £ 1/15/- ; to [Mrs?] Davie
  8. dated 5th Oct 1843; £ -/5/3 ; to The Fife Sentinel (newspaper)
  9. dated 1843; £ -/8/- ; to Mr Thomson
  10. dated 1843; £ -/6/6 ; to Mr A Strange
  11. dated 25th March 1843; £ 1/-/- ; to Kirkcaldy Burgh
  12. dated 1843; £ 2/17/5 ; to Tho. Dryburgh re “Assessed Taxes”
  13. dated 19th July 1843; £ -/3/6 ; to Mr Morton
  14. paid 3rd July 1843; £ 1/6/3 ; to Kirkcaldy China Store
  15. paid 7th July 1843; £6/10/- ; to Allardice & Sclanders
  16. paid 11th July 1843; £-/4/7 ; to J & J Baxter, Glass Cutters
  17. paid 26th Sept 1843; £-/14/11 ; to George Hepburn, Grocer
  18. paid 17th Oct 1843; £-/8/- ; to J Meldrum
  19. paid 3rd Jan 1843; £-/4/- ; to John Skinner
  20. 1843 [3 receipts]; £-/13/9 [total]; to James Steel, Haberdasher.
  21. paid 5th Dec 1843; £3/19/- ; to Andrew Fleming & Co.
  22. paid 17th July 1843; £3/5/1 ½ ; to Meldrum sisters
  23. paid 17th Feb 1843; £-/-/10 ; to John Anderson
  24. dated 1843; £-/11/5 ; to Alex Hutchison
  25. dated 1843; £-/7/6 ; to Alex Hutchison
  26. dated 1843; £-/8/7 ; to Alex Hutchison
  27. dated 1843; £1/10/- ; to Richard Smith
  28. paid 4th Jan 1843; £3/5/- ; to Alex Russell & Son
  29. paid 2nd Jan 1843; £-/15/4 ; to Robert Brownlee
  30. paid 9th Jan 1843; £-/11/6 ; to Miss Slate
  31. paid 9th Jan 1843; £2/5/4 ; to Miss Slate
  32. £-/18/4 ; to ?
  33. dated 1843; £-/16/5 ; to Alex Hutchison
  34. May 1842; £1/-/- ; Burgh Tax, Kirkcaldy
  35. May 1842; £2/17/5 ; Assessed Taxes

I’m adding my scanned images of these receipts as several small galleries (due to the number of images). For most of the receipts I have two images – front and back (labeled “a” & “b”). Click on any receipt image to view that gallery as a slide show at a larger scale. Fuller transcriptions of the receipts are included as captions to the images. From the slide show you can open full resolution views of the scanned images.

HUTCHISON ancestors


In no particular order I’m making several posts to show my known ancestors, in a “pedigree view”, starting each pedigree with one of my great-grandparents (for people’s personal privacy I will not give details of the more recent generations).

The Roman Numeral in front of a name indicates the generation (counting backwards) and the number of “great”s that you need to add to describe their relationship to me. i.e.

  • “-i-” = my “great-grandparent”,
  • “-iv-” = my “4x-great-grandparent”.

Click the numeral to link to any posts tagged with that individual’s name, or to all the posts tagged with that surname (if the individual person doesn’t have a tag).

If someone’s name is highlighted as a hyperlink, you can click that link to an external webpage with information about that person. I generally favour entries on Wikipedia, though other sources may come up if there is nothing on Wikipedia, or if the alternative offers better information.

Here are the HUTCHISONs of Kirkcaldy in Fife (also including the OLIPHANTs, BARKERs, and others).


-v-[ Jonh HUTCH(E)SON, b. ???, d. ???, m. 20/06/1773, Kirkcaldy

-iv-[ Alexander HUTCHISON, b. ../../1772, Kirkcaldy, d. ???, m. 09/08/1804, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

-v-[ Isabel BETT (or BEATT), b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ Robert HUTCHISON, b. 07/09/1806, Kirkcaldy, d. 07/11/1883, Kirkcaldy, m. 18/04/1837, Kirkcaldy.

(See a portrait painting of Robert HUTCHISON, HERE ]

-v-[ Robert BINNIE, b. ???, d. ???, m. 21/05/1768, Cramond, Mid Lothian.

-iv-[ Joanna BINNIE, b. ../../1782, Cramond, Mid Lothian, d. ???

-v-[ Janet GEDDES, b. ???, d. ???

-ii-Henry William HUTCHISON, b. 15/04/1849, d. ../../1922, m. ???

-vi-[ Robert OLIPHANT, b. abt 1696, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1772, Kirkcaldy, m. ???

-v-[ William OLIPHANT*, b. abt 1728, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1777, Kirkcaldy, m. 11/04/1763

-vi-[ Janet BELL (or BUTT), b. ???, d. ???

-iv-[ Robert OLIPHANT, b. 02/09/1765, d. ???, m. 03/01/1797, Edinburgh.

-vi-[ George BARKER, b. ../../1704, d. ???, m. 28/12/1732

-v-[ Mary BARKER*, b. ../../1733, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1775, Kirkcaldy.

-vi-[ Christian BELL (or BETT), b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ Mary OLIPHANT, b. 25/04/1808, d. ../../1852

-v-[ Henry OLIPHANT*, b. ../../1741, d. ???, m. 01/12/1776

-iv-[ Janet OLIPHANT, b. 19/10/1777, d. ???

-v-[ Christian BARKER*, b. ../../1741, d. 02/12/1777

-i-[ (Sir) William Oliphant HUTCHISON, b. 02/07/1889, Dysart, Fife, d. 05/02/1970, Cambridge, m. 15/11/1918, Edinburgh, to Margery WALTON. [See WALTON ancestry HERE]

-iii-[ John KEY, b. ???, d. ???, m. 25/04/1845

-ii-[ Sarah “Hannah” KEY, b. ../../1850, d. ../../1938

-iii-[ Sarah WHITE (or WHYTE), b. ???, d. ???

* Notes; William OLIPHANT (b. abt 1728), and Henry OLIPHANT (b.1741) were brothers. Their respective wives, Mary BARKER (b. 1733), and Christian BARKER (b. 1741) were sisters.

Click here to download as a PDF file;
HUTCHISON ancestors – Jan2014version

I can go back 2 further generations from Robert OLIPHANT (b. abt 1696), and 1 further generation from George BARKER (b. 1704). But that gets a bit leggy in this format, in a WordPress post! So I’ll stop at 6 generations.

* Sources;

Hutchison family tree – compiled circa 1987, by Douglas HUTCHISON (C.B.E.), of Bolfracks, Aberfeldy, Perthshire.

OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy – Tree compiled by James Hunter MacGregor (genealogist), June 1917, now in the library at St Andrews University, Fife. Comissioned by Mary Christian HUTCHISON, dau. of Robert HUTCHISON and Mary OLIPHANT. Thanks to Roddy OLIPHANT for finding this document and sharing it over the internet with the current descendants of the Kirkcaldy OLIPHANTs. Also to the other relatives, particularly Anne HAENGA and Gordon McCONNELL (both in New Zealand), for their input – correcting some errors in James Hunter’s origional work, and adding new details. Several long forum threads between us can be found on the OLIPHANT GenForum at Genealogy.com

A letter to me from Robin HUTCHISON (my Great Uncle) in Aug 2004 with various notes, including a transcribed extract from Mary WHITE’s Diary, circa 1867 – “kept while she was visiting her scottish relatives” around Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Family notes – kept by Priscilla HUTCHISON in a notebook/diary titled “A Diary of Edinburgh”.

International Genealogical Index (IGI) – My own searches of the index, used mainly to double-check other sources. Not to be fully relied on by itself. Given the chance I like to look at the OPR microfilms (from which the IGI is transcribed), which tend to contain many more details than the IGI.

My apologies if I’ve missed any particular sources or credits that I should have given. I believe that these are my major sources.

Names and locations of interest

In this post I’m going to try and list all the surnames and locations that are of interest to me on this site. I expect to come back to add to or edit this list from time to time. [See the Names of Interest pages for updates].

SURNAMEs here are written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Place names are written with just the first letter in Capital. These places might be individual houses or farms, the parish, village, or town where someone lived or worked, or a wider geographical area.

Alternative spelling variations will be shown in italics. These will appear (in brackets) following what I consider to be the main spelling, or themselves followed (in brackets) by the main spelling.

I will attempt to use all these names as “Tags” in any posts that relate to that name.

So, in no particular order;

HUTCHISON, OLIPHANT, & BARKER – all in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

WALTON, & HENDERSON – in Renfrewshire, Scotland


MAWER – in Sibsey, Lincolnshire.

WALKER – in Kirkliston, West Lothian.

JOHNSTON – in Bathgate, West Lothian.

FLINT – in West Lothian

BARRON (vari.; BARON) – in Mid Lothian / West Lothian.

CADZOW (vari.; KADZOW) – in Lanarkshire, Scotland.


FRY – from Wiltshire / Bristol.

EYRE – from London.

BUCKNALL – in Stroud, Gloucestershire.