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Known surnames in the TWITE branch of Matt's ancestry

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Other surnames of interest in the TWITE branch include;

Locations of interest include;

Here is the TWITE tree in a “pedigree view”, working back from my great-grandmother (this is one of the branches of my family tree that I currently have the least information about);


-iv-[ Joseph TWITE, b. 1781, d. 1844 or ’45, Philip Street, Bath, m. 6/1/1819, St Swithin, Walcot, Bath

-iii-[ George TWITE, b. 09/12/1824, Bath, d. 1900, m. 22/09/1851, Lewisham, London.

-iv-[ Mary Ann THOMAS, b. 1796, Carew, Pembrokeshire, d. 1872, Edmonton, Middlesex.

-ii-[ Charles TWITE, b. 17/07/1853, Holborn, London, d. 09/02/1924, Droitwich, m. 21/11/1876, Leake, Lincolnshire.

-iv-[ Thomas GREEN, b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ Susannah GREEN, b. cir. 1825, ?Boston, Lincolnshire? d. 1893, London.

-iv-[ unknown ?

-i-[ Doris TWITE, b. 01/08/1889, d. 02/01/1991, m. 04/03/1927, Leicester, to Ernest Garfield SWAIN [see the SWAIN ancestry here]

-iii-[ unknown ?

-ii-[ Annie MAWER, b. 15/02/1853, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, d. 07/06/1926, Droitwich

-iv-[ Joseph MAWER, b. cir. 1800, Walsoken, Wisbech, Norfolk, d. 1883, m. 9/4/1822, Sibsey

-iii-[ Sarah Ann MAWER, chr. 6/11/1825, Sibsey, Lincolnshire, d. ?1925. Sarah Ann had a son and a daughter, out of wedlock, in 1846 and 1853, and married a Thomas HARRISON in 1886.

-iv-[ Sarah BAXTER, b. cir. 1790, Sibsey, Linc., d. 1878, Sibsey.

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TWITE ancestors – Feb2017version.

Contents last updated; February 2017.


The Roman Numeral in front of a name (above) indicates the generation (counting backwards) and the number of “great”s that you need to add to describe their relationship to me. i.e.

  • “-i-” = my “great-grandparent”,
  • “-iv-” = my “4x-great-grandparent”.

Click the numeral to link to any posts on the blog that I’ve tagged with that individual’s name, or to all the posts tagged with that surname (if the individual person doesn’t have a tag).

If someone’s name is highlighted as a hyperlink, you can click that link to an external webpage with information about that person. I generally favour entries on Wikipedia, though other sources may come up if there is nothing on Wikipedia, or if the alternative offers better information.

* My sources;

Research by David SWAIN (my Great Uncle) – including various notes and family trees.

Family notes – kept by Priscilla HUTCHISON in a notebook/diary titled “A Diary of Edinburgh”.

Census – on-line – My own searches of census information available on-line, including the 1861, 1871, & 1881 census (in relation to the MAWER line).

Sibsey parish records – via scanned images viewable on-line at

International Genealogical Index (IGI) – My own searches of the index, used mainly to double-check other sources. Not to be fully relied on by itself. Given the chance I like to look at the OPR microfilms (from which the IGI is transcribed), which tend to contain many more details than the IGI.

My apologies if I’ve missed any particular sources or credits that I should have given. I believe that these are my major sources.

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2 thoughts on “TWITE tree

  1. I wonder if you are still monitoring this blog. I am interested in your comments about Joseph Mawer and Sarah Baxter of Sibsey. You say Sarah was ten years older than Joseph, but the 1841 census has her ten years younger.
    Anyway…Sarah Anne (b.~1825) had a sister, Biddy, (b. 1829), who was a servant in my great great grandparents’ home in Wainfleet All Saints. Biddy was in love with my great-great grandfather’s brother John Merrifield. John was banished to Australia in about 1849. Great great grandfather was a solicitor, and presumably, it was not ‘done’ to court a servant.
    Biddy eventually came to Australia, where she and John were married. They had a tough life; I think John found it hard going at first. They had eight children, but five died in infancy, and a sixth had epilepsy. John and Biddy moved to Oreti Plains, Southland, New Zealand, leaving their son with epilepsy in an asylum in Victoria, where he died at 14 years. The remaining two children, Helen and Alfred, went to New Zealand also. Helen married and has a slew of descendants. Alfred went to the Boer War and remained in South Africa. He did not marry and has no known descendants.


    1. Hello Sue, nice to hear from you. I’ll e-mail you with further information that I have.
      Your message will help me to fill in one gap that I have in the Mawer family tree; of Joseph Mawer and Sarah Baxter’s 9 children, Biddy is the only one that I had not found details about beyond the 1841 census. So the fact that she emigrated to Australia helps to explain that.
      The 1841 census, that I have an image of, gives Joseph Mawer’s age as 40, and his wife Sarah, aged 50. (the 1841 census typically rounded adult’s ages down to the nearest 5 years, so is not the most reliable gauge as “50” could mean anywhere from “50” to “54” years old!). Of the 4 census years I have for Sarah, the one discrepancy in her age is in 1861 which appears to record her as “59”, and Joseph as “60”! The 1841, ’51, and ’71 censuses all show Sarah aged 9 or 10 years older than Joseph, suggesting her birthdate to be about 1789-90, and this fits with two christening records in Sibsey for girls named Sarah Baxter – who may have been cousins. I am unable to tell for sure which one is her, although I have a strong theory.


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