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Old WALKER papers – Discharges from the heirs of John Lishman, to William Walker

This is my ninth blog post in a series about some old papers of the WALKER family, from Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland. See a list of these papers HERE.

IMG_7620-edBelow is one of several documents from an envelope labeled “Old Wills etc. of the Walker family”, which is part of a box full of family papers that I received from my aunt at a family gathering in January 2014. The contents of this envelope all date from the 1700’s.

I have previously posted all those documents that are by, or speak directly about my Walker ancestors. I am now posting some documents where I am unsure of the nature of the connection to the Walker family. Please see my notes at the bottom.

This is the second of two “Discharges” to William Walker (my ancestor) from the heirs of John Lishman, and he widow – Isobell Gray. I have previously posted John Lishman’s Disposition. John was a witness to the marriage contract of my ancestors; William Walker and Elizabeth Barron, in 1728.

IMG_9490-croppedPlease click on the images to see the scans at full resolution. Transcribed text appears in a Maroon colour below each scanned image. At the bottom I’ve made some notes of my own about the people and places in the document.

Cover; Discharges_the-airs-of-John-Lishman_1754_cover_300dpiTranscription of cover;

the airs of John Lishman

Inside, left page; Discharges_the-airs-of-John-Lishman_1754_inside-L_300dpiTranscription of inside, left page;

I Archbald Kleland indueller in Roustoun Mains grants #
me to have receved from William Walker tennant in Hidlefolds #
full and Compleat payment of fifty merks Scots money given #
in Legacy to my spous Margraet Mitchell by Isobl Gray relex #
of the Deceesed John Lishman [lett] tennant in Craigiey and #
therfor I Archbal Cleland and my heirs do warrand this my #
discharge to William Walker and his hiers and all proseedings #
detted the 26th day of Jun 1754 years at Edn. before these #
presance and Discharges the said William Walker and #
all Proceding the [death] by me.   Archbold [Clie]

I David Lishman indueller in Eidn. grants me to have receved #
from William Walker tennant in Hiddlefolds full and Compleat #
payment of one hundred pounds Scots monie given in legacy to me #
by Isobl Gray relex of the diceesed John Lishman [lett] tennant #
in Crgiey and therfor I David Lishman and my hiers do #
warrand this my Discharg to William Walker his hiers #
and all proseedings [detted] the 26th day of Jun 1754 years befor #
thes presance and Descherges the said William Walker and #
all proceding [these] [Death] by me David his mark D Leshman

Inside, right page; Discharges_the-airs-of-John-Lishman_1754_inside-R_300dpi

Transcription of inside, right page;

I Isoble Alexander spous to the discesed Andreu Lonnie #
indueller in Ednburgh grant me to have receved from #
William Walker tennent in Hiddlefolds full and Compleat #
payment of fifty merks Scots given to me in legacy by Isoble #
Gray relex of the diseced John Lishman Lett tennant in Craigiey #
and therefor I Isoble Alexander and my hairs do warrend this my #
Discharg to William Walker and his hairs and all prosidings #
dated the 26th day of Jun 1754 years at Edinburgh before #
thise presane and Discharge the said William Walker and #
all Proceding the [Death] by me Isoble her mark x x Alexander

I Jean Alexander spous to the dicised Thomas Jack #
indueller in Whithous grants me to have receved from #
William Walker tennant in Hidlefolds full and #
Compleat payment of fifty merks Scots given to me in #
legacy by Isobel Gray relex of the dicesed John Lishman #
Lett tennant in Craigie and therfor I Jean Alexander and #
my hiers do warend this my Discharg to William Walker #
and his hiers and all prosedings deated the 26th day of #
Jun 1754 years at Edn. befor these presenee #
and Discherges the said William Walker and all Proceding thes #
Death by me – Jean – her mark x x Alexander.


Craigie; a farm laying southeast of South Queensferry, and northeast of Kirkliston village.

Roustoun Mains; is (I think) Royston Mains, in the Granton area of Cramond, Edinburgh.

Whithous; this might be where Whitehouse Road is, in Cramond, Edinburgh.


Searches of the IGI transcriptions of parish registers reveal some extra details about some of the people named in this document;

Archibald Cleland (or Kleland) married Margaret Mitchell at Kirkliston, on 18th Oct 1729. See HERE. They appear to have 6 children christened at Kirkliston, between 1730 and 1747. See HERE.

Andreu Lonnie and Isoble Alexander; The IGI has two remarkably similar records –

These two records are so alike that I think they must be for the same couple. Andrew and Isobel also appear to have 6 children, christened between 1720 and 1735; the first in Corstorphine, and the rest at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh. See HERE.

Thomas Jack and Jean Alexander married at Corstorphine on 30th May 1723. They too appear to have had 6 children, christened between 1724 and 1739; the first at Corstorphine, and the rest at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh. See HERE.

There are presumably family relationships between all these couples, and the other individuals named in this document. I presume that Isobel and Jean Alexander were sisters. But in most cases I have yet to work out what the relationships were exactly.

HUTCHISON ancestors


In no particular order I’m making several posts to show my known ancestors, in a “pedigree view”, starting each pedigree with one of my great-grandparents (for people’s personal privacy I will not give details of the more recent generations).

The Roman Numeral in front of a name indicates the generation (counting backwards) and the number of “great”s that you need to add to describe their relationship to me. i.e.

  • “-i-” = my “great-grandparent”,
  • “-iv-” = my “4x-great-grandparent”.

Click the numeral to link to any posts tagged with that individual’s name, or to all the posts tagged with that surname (if the individual person doesn’t have a tag).

If someone’s name is highlighted as a hyperlink, you can click that link to an external webpage with information about that person. I generally favour entries on Wikipedia, though other sources may come up if there is nothing on Wikipedia, or if the alternative offers better information.

Here are the HUTCHISONs of Kirkcaldy in Fife (also including the OLIPHANTs, BARKERs, and others).


-v-[ Jonh HUTCH(E)SON, b. ???, d. ???, m. 20/06/1773, Kirkcaldy

-iv-[ Alexander HUTCHISON, b. ../../1772, Kirkcaldy, d. ???, m. 09/08/1804, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

-v-[ Isabel BETT (or BEATT), b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ Robert HUTCHISON, b. 07/09/1806, Kirkcaldy, d. 07/11/1883, Kirkcaldy, m. 18/04/1837, Kirkcaldy.

(See a portrait painting of Robert HUTCHISON, HERE ]

-v-[ Robert BINNIE, b. ???, d. ???, m. 21/05/1768, Cramond, Mid Lothian.

-iv-[ Joanna BINNIE, b. ../../1782, Cramond, Mid Lothian, d. ???

-v-[ Janet GEDDES, b. ???, d. ???

-ii-Henry William HUTCHISON, b. 15/04/1849, d. ../../1922, m. ???

-vi-[ Robert OLIPHANT, b. abt 1696, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1772, Kirkcaldy, m. ???

-v-[ William OLIPHANT*, b. abt 1728, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1777, Kirkcaldy, m. 11/04/1763

-vi-[ Janet BELL (or BUTT), b. ???, d. ???

-iv-[ Robert OLIPHANT, b. 02/09/1765, d. ???, m. 03/01/1797, Edinburgh.

-vi-[ George BARKER, b. ../../1704, d. ???, m. 28/12/1732

-v-[ Mary BARKER*, b. ../../1733, Kirkcaldy, d. ../../1775, Kirkcaldy.

-vi-[ Christian BELL (or BETT), b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ Mary OLIPHANT, b. 25/04/1808, d. ../../1852

-v-[ Henry OLIPHANT*, b. ../../1741, d. ???, m. 01/12/1776

-iv-[ Janet OLIPHANT, b. 19/10/1777, d. ???

-v-[ Christian BARKER*, b. ../../1741, d. 02/12/1777

-i-[ (Sir) William Oliphant HUTCHISON, b. 02/07/1889, Dysart, Fife, d. 05/02/1970, Cambridge, m. 15/11/1918, Edinburgh, to Margery WALTON. [See WALTON ancestry HERE]

-iii-[ John KEY, b. ???, d. ???, m. 25/04/1845

-ii-[ Sarah “Hannah” KEY, b. ../../1850, d. ../../1938

-iii-[ Sarah WHITE (or WHYTE), b. ???, d. ???

* Notes; William OLIPHANT (b. abt 1728), and Henry OLIPHANT (b.1741) were brothers. Their respective wives, Mary BARKER (b. 1733), and Christian BARKER (b. 1741) were sisters.

Click here to download as a PDF file;
HUTCHISON ancestors – Jan2014version

I can go back 2 further generations from Robert OLIPHANT (b. abt 1696), and 1 further generation from George BARKER (b. 1704). But that gets a bit leggy in this format, in a WordPress post! So I’ll stop at 6 generations.

* Sources;

Hutchison family tree – compiled circa 1987, by Douglas HUTCHISON (C.B.E.), of Bolfracks, Aberfeldy, Perthshire.

OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy – Tree compiled by James Hunter MacGregor (genealogist), June 1917, now in the library at St Andrews University, Fife. Comissioned by Mary Christian HUTCHISON, dau. of Robert HUTCHISON and Mary OLIPHANT. Thanks to Roddy OLIPHANT for finding this document and sharing it over the internet with the current descendants of the Kirkcaldy OLIPHANTs. Also to the other relatives, particularly Anne HAENGA and Gordon McCONNELL (both in New Zealand), for their input – correcting some errors in James Hunter’s origional work, and adding new details. Several long forum threads between us can be found on the OLIPHANT GenForum at Genealogy.com

A letter to me from Robin HUTCHISON (my Great Uncle) in Aug 2004 with various notes, including a transcribed extract from Mary WHITE’s Diary, circa 1867 – “kept while she was visiting her scottish relatives” around Kirkcaldy in Fife.

Family notes – kept by Priscilla HUTCHISON in a notebook/diary titled “A Diary of Edinburgh”.

International Genealogical Index (IGI) – My own searches of the index, used mainly to double-check other sources. Not to be fully relied on by itself. Given the chance I like to look at the OPR microfilms (from which the IGI is transcribed), which tend to contain many more details than the IGI.

My apologies if I’ve missed any particular sources or credits that I should have given. I believe that these are my major sources.