OLIPHANT papers – Andrew INGRAM letter to Henry OLIPHANT

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OLIPHANT papers; envelope 2; document 6;

Cover; leter-coverTranscription of cover;

Andrew Ingram
letter for [Change]
of the March [betw-]
[-een] [Dr] [Condies] [..?]
[& the] [new] [proprietors]

dated Kirkcaldy
13th January 1808

Inside letter; letter-inside_to-Henry-OliphantTranscription of letter;

Kirkcaldy 12th Jan’y 1808
Mr Henry Oliphant

I hereby Offer you and the other #
proprietors of the property latty belonging to Mr Dave #
Condie, One foot of my ground east of the March this #
day [mutualy] set of in presence of David Condie and #
Andrew [Nichole] [meason], [both] of this place [&] [a] […] #
[drove] in providing you allow me to [nail] Berry [Bus] #
[…] to the east side of the walk about to be […] #
by you, and the foresaid properties I also [continue] #
to allow any water that may come from the [St.Marg.] #
Well to […] on my property and to […] at the foot #
into the [….] […] as formerly – your #
Answer agreeing to the above will be trully [binding] #
on me in all times coming & extended on #
stamp paper if you think nessary.

[I am] sir your [most …]
[…] Ingram

David Condie, witness
And. Nical, witness


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