Family trees

Here are links to the main family trees that are posted on this blog.

The HEADLINE SURNAMEs are those of the great-grandparents of AFamilyHistoryBlog’s author; Matt WALKER (arranged alphabetically for ease of searching). Each surname above, links to a page containing a “pedigree” chart of that family branch, listing the known ancestors of that gt-grandparent, with a downloadable PDF file containing the same details. I intend to update those details from time to time with any new information I get.

Each page may contain some notes about that family line, and about other surnames of interest in that branch of the family, including details of occupations, geographical origins, etc. I will add links to “tags” that will allow you to quickly jump to any blog posts on AFamilyHistoryBlog that are tagged with those family names or locations of interest.

Next to some of the family names I plan to add links to ‘Descendant Reports’ (.pdf files) that can be downloaded (produced as PDF files using “Family Tree Maker” software).

* Please note; this is a work in progress which I hope to continuing adding details to. If you have any information that you think could be added to this, please get in touch via the Contact page. Thanks.




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