OLIPHANT papers – “Dear Brother” letter

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OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 5;

This is a short letter, with no date, on one side of a single side of paper, thought I suspect that there may have been more to the letter on additional sheets which are missing!

Letter; 5_Dear-Brother_letter


Dear Brother
I have read your letter of the 2nd [inst]
which I have [shown] to [our sister] Mrs
Oliphant and she & I have [consulted] with
our husbands on the subject […].

Me certainly thinks that the [sums]
[destine] for [me] by [our] father’s settlement
are [much] [less] than [we] were entitled
to [expect]. And therefore [before] dealing
[out] [r……] whether we will […]
[approve] [of] them, we are advised that
it [will] be [proper for] us to see a state
of [our] father’s affairs [as] they stood
at our mother’s death and [……]
at his own death. This state we
request you will have the goodness
to make up as accurately as you can
and [furnish] us with your earliest
convienience. Mr Oliphant, who
joins me in best wishes yo you, sees &
approves of this letter as […] […]
[sent…] as well as those of [……]


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