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Other surnames of interest in the WALTON branch include;

Locations of interest include;

Here is the WALTON tree (in a “pedigree view”, working back from my great-grandmother);

-iv-[ John WALTON, b. ???, d. ???, m. ???

-iii-[ Jackson WALTON, b. 01/12/1808, Fallowfield, Manchester, d. June 1873, m. 14/11/1844, Old Machar, Aberdeen.

-iv-[ Mary GANDY, b. ???, d. ???

-ii-[ Edward Arthur WALTON, b. 15/04/1860, Neilston, Renfrewshire, d. 18/03/1922, Belford Park, Edinburgh, m. 02/06/1890, ???

-v-[ Robert NICOLSON, b.bef. 1761, Orkney, d. ???, m. 14/09/1787, Kirkwall, Orkney.

-iv-[ Thomas Balfour NICOLSON, b. 16/11/1793, Kirkwall, Orkney, d. 15/12/1865, Glasgow, m. 04/12/1817, Edinburgh.

-v-[ Elizabeth BALFOUR, b. 29/09/1758, Kirkwall, Orkney, d. ???.

-iii-[ Eliza Anne NICOLSON, b. 23/9/1824, Dundee, Forfar, d. ???

-v-[ James ANDERSON, b. 26/02/1746, Inverugie, Aberdeen, d. 1828, m. 09/11/1793, Durness, Sutherland.

-iv-[ Hughina Forbes ANDERSON, b. 20/02/1796, Dundee, d. 1858, Milton, Glasgow

-v-[ Barbara GORDON, b. 1766, Latheron, Caithness, d. 1826.

-i-[ Margery WALTON, b. 17/10/1898, Chelsea, London, d. 12/12/1976, Cambridge, m. 15/11/1918, Edinburgh, to (Sir) William Oliphant HUTCHISON. [See the HUTCHISON ancestry HERE]

-v-[ James HENDERSON, b.cir. 1768-1771, d.aft. 1817, m. 23/6/1796, Houston, Renfrewshire.

-iv-[ John HENDERSON, b. 21/05/1797, Houston, Renfrewshire, d. 18/04/1851, m. 22/11/1818, High Paisley. Provost of Paisley; 1841-1844.

-v-[ Mary BARR, b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ James HENDERSON, b. 29/03/1833, Paisley, d. 13/07/1893, Liverpool, m. 19/06/1856,

-v-[ John URIE, b. ???, d.cir. 1849, m. 02/01/1790, Abbey Church, Renfrew.

-iv-[ Helen URIE, b. 14/12/1798, Ferguslie, Renfrewshire, d. 29/11/1878, Pollockshields.

-v-[ Elizabeth SCOT, b. ???, d. ???

-ii-[ Helen Urie HENDERSON, b. 15/04/1859, Paisley, Renfrewshire, d. 28/8/1945, ?

-iv-[ James SMEAL, b.cir. 1798, d. 14/02/1847, Glasgow, m. 22/09/1824.

-iii-[ Jemima SMEAL, b. 11/09/1832, d. 19/11/1908, W.Hempstead, London.

-v-[ James GLENNY, b. 27/03/1777, d. 31/07/1804, m. 28/11/1798, Kinmuck, Aberdeenshire

-iv-[ Jane GLENNY, b. 28/04/1801, d. 02/04/1848, Glasgow

-v-[ Elizabeth WIGHAM, b. 1779, Coanwood, Northumberland, d. 04/08/1854.

Click here to download as a PDF file;
WALTON ancestors – Feb2017version.

Contents last updated; February 2017.


The Roman Numeral in front of a name (above) indicates the generation (counting backwards) and the number of “great”s that you need to add to describe their relationship to me. i.e.

  • “-i-” = my “great-grandparent”,
  • “-iv-” = my “4x-great-grandparent”.

Click the numeral to link to any posts on the blog that I’ve tagged with that individual’s name, or to all the posts tagged with that surname (if the individual person doesn’t have a tag).

If someone’s name is highlighted as a hyperlink, you can click that link to an external webpage with information about that person. I generally favour entries on Wikipedia, though other sources may come up if there is nothing on Wikipedia, or if the alternative offers better information.

* My sources;

HENDERSON tree – from John Henderson GrayLetters and trees from John Henderson Gray (to H.P. Hutchison) dated 5th Nov 1997 and ? Feb. 2003 ?, John is a descendant of James HENDERSON and Jemima SMEAL

URIE messages – Messages/contact made via URIE message board at GenForum and resulting e-mail from Helen Kinsey – a descendant of John URIE and Mary CUNNINGHAM.

A letter to me from Robin HUTCHISON (my Gt Uncle) in Aug 2004, including various notes about the WALTON family.

International Genealogical Index (IGI) – My own searches of the index, used mainly to double-check other sources. Not to be fully relied on by itself. Given the chance I like to look at the OPR microfilms (from which the IGI is transcribed), which tend to contain many more details than the IGI.

Shetland Family History website – which I found in December 2016 (see HERE). A database of over 445,000 people, compiled by Tony Gott “covering the family history of anyone from Shetland, including those who have ancestors who have moved away at some stage in the past.” See the entry for Edward Arthur WALTON, HERE. (Note; I have yet to check out the details of Eliza Anne NICOLSON’s ancestry for myself. Some details vary a little from what I had before, and I want to make more checks sometime!).

WIGHAM family records – found Dec.2016/Jan.2017, including on-line family trees by John Little, and (especially) Ben Beck. Also books (on-line); the “Memoirs of the Life, Gospel Labours, and Religious Experience of John Wigham”, and “Some Account of the Rise of the Society of Friends in Cornwood in Northumberland”, along with various other sources of Quaker records, all of which I identified through Ben Beck’s website.

My apologies if I’ve missed any particular sources or credits that I should have given. I believe that these are my major sources.

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