EYRE tree

Known surnames in the EYRE branch of Matt's ancestry

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Other surnames of interest in the EYRE branch include;

Locations of interest include;

Here is the EYRE tree (in a “pedigree view”, working back from my great-grandmother);

-v-[ ???

-iv-[ Edward EYRE, b. 1800, d. , m.

-v-[ Sarah EYRE, b. ???, d. ???

-iii-[ Alfred George EYRE, b. 1832, d. , m.

-iv-[ Jemima ???, b. 1803, d.

-ii-[ Alfred James EYRE, b. 24/10/1853, Vauxhall, London, d. 11/10/1919, m. 1880

-iv-[ ???

-iii-[ Emily SMITH, b. , d.

-iv-[ ???

-i-[ Phyllis Mary EYRE, b. 12/10/1884, Sydenham, S.E.London, d. 21/02/1979, Broadwell, Gloucestershire, m. 28/11/1911, to Clarence ELLIOTT. [See the ELLIOTT ancestry HERE]

-v-[ Samuel BUCKNALL, b. 1763, d. 1821, m. 18/04/1790

-iv-[ Edwin BUCKNALL, b. 1791, d. 23/11/1869, m. 26/01/1822

-v-[ Ann CLISSOLD, b. 1765, d. 1827

-iii-[ John BUCKNALL, b. 29/11/1822, d. 07/11/1887, m. 06/04/1848

-v-[ ???

-iv-[ Mary KING, b. ???, d. 05/08/1874

-v-[ ???

-ii-[ Margaret BUCKNALL, b. 1857 (or 1855?), Rodborough, Stroud, Gloucestershire, d. 1935 (or 1933?), Upper Norwood, S.London.

-iv-[ ???

-iii-[ Elizabeth BASSETT, b. 1829, d. ???

-iv-[ ???

Click here to download as a PDF file;
EYRE ancestors – Feb2017version.

Contents last updated; January 2014.


The Roman Numeral in front of a name (above) indicates the generation (counting backwards) and the number of “great”s that you need to add to describe their relationship to me. i.e.

  • “-i-” = my “great-grandparent”,
  • “-iv-” = my “4x-great-grandparent”.

Click the numeral to link to any posts on the blog that I’ve tagged with that individual’s name, or to all the posts tagged with that surname (if the individual person doesn’t have a tag).

If someone’s name is highlighted as a hyperlink, you can click that link to an external webpage with information about that person. I generally favour entries on Wikipedia, though other sources may come up if there is nothing on Wikipedia, or if the alternative offers better information.

* My sources;

A BUCKNALL family tree, and other family information – by Stephen BUCKNALL, 1994, among WALKER family papers.

St John’s Church, Upper Norwood – for details, from their old website, about Alfred James EYRE. See HERE (as long as their old website remains active!).

My apologies if I’ve missed any particular sources or credits that I should have given. I believe that these are my major sources.

(Sorry, I can’t find any notes right now as to the source of my information on the EYRE family line!!! Its probably all material from others within the family.)

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