WALKER family papers

Below is a list of family papers about the WALKERs, from Kirkliston, Mid Lothian (and related families), that are being posted onto AFamilyHistoryBlog. I will try to keep this list updated with links to each piece about Walker family papers that I post onto the blog .

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under-construction-1Given that among the Walker family papers, I also have a lot of papers relating to the JOHNSTONs of Bathgate, West Lothian (who married into the Walker family), I’m going to create a seperate page listing those papers. See HERE. Some papers with a strong overlap will apear in both lists.

This is an on-going project (begun in 2015) to share details of these old family documents via AFamilyHistoryBlog for the benefit of all who  have a shared ancestry, or other interest, in these families.

In 2015 I posted;

  • A history of the WALKER family – first written by T.G.A. WALKER in about 1957, based on older family papers and his own research. I retyped the history, with minor edits and corrections, and with some additional information/details inserted, originally in 2004, with further additions/editing in response to further research at several subsequent dates.
  • A Genealogical Chart of the JOHNSTON Family, Bathgate, West Lothian. This tree covers 7 generations of the JOHNSTON family and their descendants, from 1692 to 1906. It appears to have been compiled by an Alexander CUTHBERT, who had married into the JOHNSTON family in 1888. No date is given for when this tree was compiled (though Google Books has an entry for the publication HERE, giving a publication date of 1909.).

During 2016-2017 my plan is to post details and scans of a number of old Walker family documents onto AFamilyHistoryBlog. I will aim to update this page with the links as I go.

IMG_9490-croppedContents of an envelope labeled “Old Wills etc. of the Walker family” (I will first list the papers that directly relate to or describe the Walker family, in date order – oldest first; then the papers to which Walker family members were witnesses, but which describe families/relationships of unknown relationship to the Walker family);


Other WALKER family papers, from chest;


Gathering of the extended WALKER and ELLIOTT family, in the Cotswolds in January 2014.
Gathering of the extended WALKER and ELLIOTT family, in the Cotswolds in January 2014.