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Scotland trip – May 2017 – day 5

I’m aiming to write and post a little bit each day about the family history research I’m doing, and what I find, during a week staying​ in Edinburgh. But for personal privacy, the posting of these travels on AFamilyHistoryBlog will be delayed by a few days, and will not necessarily be in day by day order! Some of these posts may be given later tweaks, with added photos, etc.

Update; You can now see all the posts from my May 2017 Scotland trip, here;
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General Register House, from North Bridge, Edinburgh.

National Records of Scotland, General Register House, Edinburgh.

I spent a large part of the day in the National Records of Scotland, Historical Search Room at the General Register House. I arrived before their doors opened at 9am. When I got into​ the search room I was immediately handed 3 of the “Kirkcaldy Burgh Register of Deeds” books that I had requested when I registered​ on Friday.

So I began by looking in the oldest of ​these books, at a record involving “Issobel WYSE”, the wife of “James OLYPHANT”, and her sister, “Janet WYSE” (wife of John [S~~irkar]). The old writing is difficult to interpret, so I got permission to photograph the pages that I was interested in, so that I can work on them from the photos, more carefully, later. James OLIPHANT and Isobel WYSE are the first (oldest) couple that I have in my OLIPHANT / HUTCHISON family tree (my 8x great-grandparents). So this entry in the “Register of Deeds of the Burgh of Kirkcaldy”, adds the names of Isobel’s parents.

I then turned to the latest book of Deeds, containing several entries that I wanted to look at. First was the “Trust Disposition and Settlement by Henry OLYPHANT, in favour of George DOUGAL, and others”.

Next; the “Disposition and Deed of Settlement by Henry OLIPHANT, to His wife”; img; 9868 – 9873, followed immediately by the “Deed of Agreement among (Henry’s) widow & children, and Mutual Discharge”; img; 9867 – 9884 (9885).

There was a lot in all this! More than I can process in a day! So by 1pm, I had had enough of the Kirkcaldy Burgh records! The first book had already confirmed for me the names of Isobel WYSE’s parents (something I think I had a suggestion of from searching the IGI, but this is the first confirmed source!).

So then I turned to some pieces that I wanted to look at, about the BARRON family in West Lothian. I had ordered 2 off-site records to look at; the marriage contract of Janet BARRON and Henry HARDIE, in 1684, then a collection of papers from c.1708, apparently about a dispute between Janet BARRON and one of her sons; Henry HARDIE. I photographed these. There may well be evidence in there to connect them to Elizabeth BARRON (m. William WALKER!)! I then ordered some of the documents about the BARRONs of Preston, and it appears to confirm my suspicion that there is NO link between these two families, proving Hardy Bertram McCall to have been wrong about this.

By 2:30pm I had had enough, so wrapped up what I was doing, handed back the documents I had out, and left the Register House to find some lunch in the nearby Waverley Mall.

After lunch, between about 3 & 4pm I had a wander around the National Gallery, where I saw one painting by E.A.WALTON, among several other by the Glasgow Boys. I then went to the Edinburgh Central Library for about an hour, between 4 & 5pm to look at some OPR micro-films.

OLIPHANT papers – Settlement of George BARKER – in favour of his grandchildren – 1784

For some context, and an index to these documents, please SEE HERE.

If you can help with the transcription of these documents please get in touch.

Please click on the images to see the scans at full resolution.

Here is a family tree of George BARKER, his daughters, and grandchildren;
George BARKER descendants tree Jan2016versionGeorge BARKER descendants tree Jan2016version
There is also an Outline and a Report of George BARKER’s descendants (up to 4 generations).

George BARKER’s Disposition (of the same date) is HERE.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 2; document 2;


Settlement of George Barker, in favour of his grandchildren; 1784. Cover.

Transcription of cover;

George Barker
In favour of
His Grandchildren
8th October 1789 [prod… &]
registered […] John
Philp & John Malcom
Baillies. David Anderson

Inside (top of page);Settlement of George Barker, in favour of his grandchildren; 1784. Inside-top.Transcription of inside (top of page);

Know all men by these present, me George Barker Shipmaster in Kirkcaldy In order to #
prevent all disputes at my death am resolved to settle my affairs and make the following #
destination of my moveables Do therefore give Grant assign and dispone one #
third part of my whole moveable and [per]sonal estate [G]oods and […] [Debts] and sums of #
money ([…] moveables and […] cloths included) that shall belong and be [resting] to me #
at my death to and in favour of the children equally of my daughter Mary with William #
Oliphant shipmaster in Kirkcaldy both now deceased the names of said children being #
Christian, Robert, George, and Mary Oliphant, and another third part of my said #
moveable and personal estate to and in favour of George, Thomas, and David Dougall #
equally being the children of my other daughter Agnes with George Dougall #
Shipmaster in Kirkcaldy both also now deceased, and the remaining third part of #
my said moveable and personal estate to and in favour of Christian and Janet #
Oliphant equally being the children of my other and youngest daughter now #
deceased with Henry Oliphant, Shipmaster in Kirkcaldy. [In…agating] and […] #
my said [several] Grandchildren above named in my [full] [sight] title and [place] of the #
[premesses] and [nominate] and [appoint] them to be my Executors according to the above #
dicision Dispensing with the [generality] of these presents and [admitting] the […] to #
be as [solid] and [effectual] as if my whole moveable subjects household furniture and #
debts had been specially moved herein and [I de..] and appoint [that] before any [division] #
of the funds hereby assigned take place by [virtue] hereof my death bed and funeral #
expences and all my debts shall be satisfied and paid as [well] as the sum of thirty #
pounds sterling to Agnes Bett […] in Kirkcaldy which I bequeath to her #

Inside (bottom of page);Settlement of George Barker, in favour of his grandchildren; 1784. Inside-bottom.

Transcription of inside (bottom of page);

for good […] [payable] within six months after my decease and also a debt of forty #
pounds Sterling and interest thereof from the [fifteenth] of […] Seventeen hundred and #
Twenty six [till] payment being money borrowed by me from my daughter Mrs Dougall #
and I gave […] [or] thoer [Voucher] And the remainder of my said moveable funds to be #
divided by a three part division in terms hereof. And in regard [that] during the #
lifetime of my said daughter Mary I advanced her and her husband William #
Oliphant to the extent of One Hundred and eleven pounds Sterling therefore and #
in order to make the Children of my daughter Agnes equal I give up and discharge #
in favour of the said three Children of my daughter Agnes a [debt] of [two thousand] #
[Merks] which I paid for them to the heirs of Robert [White] [Mariner] in Kirkcaldy [conform] #
to an [assignation] in my favour dated the [third] and sixth days of February [Seventeen] #
hundred and [Twenty] two Years which I order to be delivered up to my said three Grand- #
-children and I having claims upon my other daughter and Henry Oliphant to the [extent] #
of One hundred and Sixty four pounds Sterling which I [compute] to be [fifty] five #
pounds more than I have given my other two daughters or their families therefore and #
to make an equality I […] the share of my moveables falling to the share of #
the Children of the said Henry Oliphant [&] with the payment of the said [fifty] #
five pounds Sterling One half thereof to be paid to the Children of George Dougall #
and the other half to the Children of William Oliphant and I appoint that #
the said debt […] by me from Mrs Dougall and interest thereof shall #
be paid out of my funds [without] any [conformation] to her Children equally #
declaring that I have no other claims upon my said daughters their husbands #
or families then what is above specified and settled by these [presents] [Res…ing] #

Will Drysdale, witness
Will Michie, witness
John Barker, witness

(signed) George Barker

Back page; Settlement of George Barker, in favour of his grandchildren; 1784. Back-page.Transcription of back page;

always to me not only my life rent of the subjects hereby conveyed but also full and absolute #
power over the same and to use and dispose thereupon as effectually as if these [presents] #
had not been granted and I [dispensed] with the not delivery hereof in my own #
lifetime and declare the same to be as [valid] and effectuall as if delivered and a #
good deed [altho] found lying by me or in the custody of a [neutral] person at my death #
any laws or practice to the contrary [nor] with standing and I hereby appoint the said #
Henry Oliphant to be Tutor and Curator not only to his own two Daughters but #
also to the Children of his said Brother William Oliphant for managing the #
subjects hereby assigned to them declaring he shall not be liable for [Amissions] but #
also (for) his (actual) [Intebmissions]. Consenting to the registration hereof in the [Banks] #
of Council and Session [burrous] [court] Books of Kirkcaldy or others competent #
for [preservation] and therets I constitute. #

My [Procurators] in witness whereof these presents (written #
on stamped paper by William Drysdale town clerk of Kirkcaldy) are subscribed #
by me at Kirkcaldy the eight day of May One Thousand Seven hundred and #
eighty four years before these witnesses; William Michie, taylor in Kirkcaldy #
John Barker, apprentice to the said William Drysdale, and the said William #


William Drysdale, witness
William Michie, witness
John Barker, witness

(signed) George Barker


OLIPHANT papers – Mr BAXTER, Gray Street, Newington, 1825

For some context, and an index to these documents, please SEE HERE.

If you can help with the transcription of these documents please get in touch.

Please click on the images to see the scans at full resolution.

To give a little background context to this document, the information that I have is that a George DOUGAL (or DUGAL) married Agnes BARKER in 1762, and I have note of them having 3 sons. Agnes BARKER had 2 sisters (Mary and Christian), who married brothers from the OLIPHANT family – both of whom are my direct ancestors.

EDIT; At first glance I took the surname to which this letter is addressed, to be “BARKER”! But having transcribed it, then looked closer at what it says, and done a little digging into other records, I’ve found that George DOUGAL and Agnes BARKER’s oldest son (also ‘George’), had a daughter (Elizabeth, chr.30/7/1819 at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh) outside of marrage, with an Elizabeth BAXTER. So this letter (and 2 other documents HERE and HERE) appear to relate to the custody of that child.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 9;

Cover – address; cover_address

Transcription of cover – address;

Mr Baxter # Gray Street # Newington

inside – left page; inside-left

Transcription of inside – left page;

Edin. 17 Dec 1824. The Lords having corse #
[dered] [the] [mutual] memorials & whole [cause] #
before answer appoint the [trustees] of the #
said George DOUGALL to lodge a [con…] [.] #
[stating] [what] [sum] they propose to pay to the #
[pursuer] Elizabeth BAXTER in name of [Alim.] #
for Elizabeth DOUGALL in case she shall #
[persist] in [claiming] the custody of her the #
[con…] to be [prented] & […] on or #
before the […] day in the [needs] under an #
[amend] of Ten pounds sterling –

inside – right page; inside-right

Transcription of inside – right page;

Edin. 5 July 1825.
The Lords having resumed consideration of this #
cause and advised the [mutual] memorials for the #
parties with the [condescendance] for Mr DOUGALLs Trustees #
Defenders and the answers thereto for Mrs Elizabeth #
BAXTER [pursuer] they find the said Trustees Defenders #
liable to [furnish] to the pursuer as aliment for his [daughter] #
the yearly sum of One hundred & Fifty pounds stirling [&] #
that from George DOUGALLs death 26th August 1823 to #
be paid to her in advance and by half yearly payments #
as also in the yearly sum of Forty pounds sterling for the #
[rents] of a house and that by half yearly payments #
as also in the yearly sum of £40 sterling for the [rents] #
~~~ house and that by half yearly payments & [de~~~] #
~~~. Find the Trustees liable to the [pur…] #
in expences appoints an account to be given [in] #
and [comit] it when lodged to the auditor to [take] #
and report and [find] that all the expences [incurred] #
in the [discussion] are to be paid out of and charged #
by the Trustees against the Trust funds and also [find] #
the said [defenders] liable in such reasonable [forms] #
of expence as may be necessarily laid out or incurred #
in the education of the said Elizabeth BAXTER such sums #
to be paid on a regular account with sufficient vouchers #
being [exhibited] and that half yearly and […]. #
two words delete #
signed 8[th] July – [C] Hope [J.P.D.]

Back page; back

Transcription of back page;

Mr A Scott with Comp~ to MRS BAXTER begs to #
enclose copies of the Interlocutors [pronounced] by the #
court & signed ^ today in the [process] between her and Mr Dougall’s #
Trustees, – and to congratulate her upon the success- #
-ful termination of this cause. – [Mr.] will call upon #
[Mrs] B. some day soon.

17 George Street #
8 July 1825

Notes on terms used in the text;