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OLIPHANT papers – Memo re. Henry OLIPHANT, by his settlement

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This is one of several documents relating to the estate of Henry Oliphant.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 2; document 3;


Transcription of memo;

[In] Henry Oliphant by his settlement directed #
his Trustees to [buy] out £800 [upon] good heritable or personal #
security for [behoof] of each of Mrs Beveridge & Mrs Rob’ #
Oliphant taking [bonds] for the same payable to each #
in life rent and to the Children [procreated] or to #
be [procreated] of their bodies equally amongst them #
share & share alike in fee exclude the fees […] #
of [mrs] Beveridge & [Mrs] Oliphant [..] #

My opinion is that the most simple and #
the best mode for the Trustees to carry the […] #
of the [trustee] into effect is that each of [Mrs] Beveridge & #
[Mrs] Oliphant should grant bonds either heritable #
Bonds or personal bonds with one or two responsible persons #
as sureties for the £800 these Bonds to be Conceived #
in the terms directed by the settlement; the Ladies #
with the consent of their husbands respectively #
beclaring that the security for the £800 [so] granted #
is accepted of in full of all they can ask or claim #
through their fathers decease or the decease of #
their mother or their Grandfather by the Mothers #
side in any manner of way.

The security ought to be such as the Trustees #
or any other prudent man [could] be inclined to #
accept of were it their own money they were #
laying out.

Signed, A Forsyth
Edinburgh, 3rd December 1821

OLIPHANT papers – Betty or Elizabeth BAXTER

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See 2 more, closely connected documents (with additional notes) HERE and HERE.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 10;

Cover; cover_Betty-Elizabeth

Transcription of cover;

Betty [or] Elizabeth BAXER

Inside – attached certificate; inside_attached-cert

Transcription of attached certificate;

I X Robert Jameson {x Allan Grant}, Messenger at Arms, by virtue of letters in supplement of the # Sheriff Depute of the Shire of Fife his Precept # [interponed] to the [summonds] therein mentioned # [where]of the foregoing is a full double to the will /- # which […] [there] are … # dated and signeted the twenty second day of December [barrent**] # at the instance of Robert Oliphant shipowner in Kirkaldy, Mrs # Janet Oliphant his wife, John Spittall merchant # in Kirkaldy and Alexander Forsyth writer in Edinburgh # tutors & curators nominated & appointed by the lately # deceased George Dougall Esq of Kirkcaldy to his infant # daughter Elizabeth Dougall during her minority [complainers] # in his Majesty’s name and authority, summon, warn, and charge you Betty or Elizabeth # Baxter mother of the said pupil #

to compear before the said Sheriff Depute or his substitutes at # Cupar #

within the ordinary court-place where they are in use to sit for the administration of justice, the # […] day of […] in the hour of cause, with continuation of # days, to answer at the instance of the said complainers in the matter and to the effect mentioned # in the said letters, with certification as effeirs. This I do, upon the twenty third day of # December One thousand eight hundred and twenty three years, before these witnesses, # Peter M’Niven, William Butter, George Dippie, James Thain, Charles Wilson, [William Forrest], # [Kenneth Morison], – indwellers in Edinburgh. # Rob Jameson

Inside – side 1; inside_side1_ed

Transcription of side 1;

Andrew Clephane Esq advocate Sheriff #
Depute of the Shire of Fife to #
[Maids] of officers of the said Shire #
[conly] and [seally] specially constituted #
Greeting Whereas it is humbly meant #
& [shewn] to me and my substitute #
by Robert Oliphant shipowner in #
Kirkaldy, Mrs Janet Oliphant #
his wife, John Spittal merchant #
in Kirkaldy and Alex Forsyth writer #
in Edinburgh  Tutors & curators nominated #
and appointed by the lately deceased #
George Dougall Esq of Kirkaldy to his #
infant Daughter, Elizabeth Dougall #
[conform] to Deed of conveyance #
executed by him [upon] the #
12th Oct 1820 & recorded in the Books of #
Council & session, as a probative writ, the #
5th of September 1823 whereby for the #
causes therein mentioned he the said #
George Dougall gave granted assigned #
and conveyed to & in favor of John #
Pratt manufacturer in Linktown #
of Kirkaldy (who declined to accept) – #
Alex Forsyth writer in Edinburgh, John #
Spittal, merch[ant] in Kirkaldy & #
Robert Oliphant shipowner there #
and the [acceptors] & [acceptors] of #
them & the [survivors] or survivor #
of those who might accept all #
& sundry his whole moveable #
Estate and Effects [Debts] & sums #
of money as therein mentioned #
to be held by his [said] trustees #
for the behoof* of the said Elizabeth #
Dougall his daughter during her #
minority, as in manner therein #

Inside – side 2; inside_side2-reverse_ed

Transcription of side 2;

mentioned, and also [he] [herely] con-#
-stituted & appointed the said #
John Pratt who declines accepting #
and the said Alex Forsyth, John #
Spittal and Robert Oliphant; #
and also the said Mrs Janet #
Oliphant and such of [these] #
as should accept & the survivors #
& successor of them, to be the tutors #
& [educators] to his said Daughter; #
as the said deed of conveyance #
here [with] [produced] more #
fully leaves; And it being #
incumbent upon the [com-#
-planers] to give up [inventorie] #
of the said Elizabeth Dougall’s #
means and Estate as prescribed #
by act of Parliament anno 1672 #
Entitled “Act Anent Pupils #
“and Minors and their Tutors #
“and Curators” It is necessary #
thereto that the persons #
after named & designed #
nearest in kin to the said #
pupil on the father’s side #
and mother’s side [be] #
lawfully summoned #
to [con…] with the #
complaniers as tutors #
and curators forsaid #
in making up the said #
[Inventories] [Heerefore] it is #
my Will [x.. x..]

Notes on terms used in the text;

  • “Messenger at Arms” (Wikipedia). [Although I could not decipher the surname of “Robert Jameson” from this document, a bit of web-searching for “”Messenger at Arms” “Edinburgh”” revealed records for Robert Jameson, HERE, and for the death of Allan Grant (who’s name is crossed out) on 1st January 1824. HERE ]
  • “Sheriff Depute” (Wikipedia)
  • “barrent” (Wikipedia); third-person plural.
  • “behoof” (Wikipedia); meaning ‘benefit’ / ‘advantage’.

I’ll try to add a brief family tree to explain some of the people and relationships contained in this document.

George BARKER, b. 1704, married Christian BELL (or BETT) in 1732, and they had 3 daughters;

  • Mary BARKER, b. 1733, m. 1763 to William OLIPHANT (b. 1728).
  • Agnes BARKER, b. 1736, m. 1762 to George DOUGALL [1].
  • Christian BARKER, b. 1741, m. 1766 to Henry OLIPHANT (b. 1741).

Mary BARKER and William OLIPHANT had 5 children, including Robert OLIPHANT, b. 1765 (who is named in the document above)

Christian BARKER and Henry OLIPHANT had 4 children, including Janet OLIPHANT, b. 1777 (named in the document above, and who was married to her cousin Robert).

Agnes BARKER and George DOUGALL [1] had 3 sons, including George DOUGALL [2], b. 1763, who is the “father” named in this document.

A search of the IGI suggests that Elizabeth DOUGALL (the “daughter” named in this document), was christened. 30/7/1819, at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, to George DOUGALL and an Elizabeth BAXTERS. [IGI batch no; C11987-7, Microfilm; 1066756  103059]

OLIPHANT papers – Trust Disposition and Settlement by Robert OLIPHANT

For some context, and an index to these documents, please SEE HERE.

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Please click on the images to see the scans at full resolution.

The “Robert OLIPHANT” who is writing here, and his wife Janet OLIPHANT, are my 4x gt-grandparents. Their daughter, Mary, married Robert HUTCHISON.

There is a closely connected document, by Robert Oliphant, HERE.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 7;

Cover; cover2

Transcription of cover;

Trust Disposition and Settlement by Rob[ert] OLIPHANT, in favour of …

Page 1; R-Oliphant_dispo_page1_ed

Transcription of page 1;

Know all Men by these Presents that I # Robert Oliphant, shipowner in Kirkcaldy considering the # uncertainty of this life and the propriety of settling my # affairs so as to prevent disputes at my death amongst my # children have [resolved] to grant these [presents] in [manner] # under written. Therefore and for the love favour and # affection which I have and [bean] to my children [afternamed] # and designed and in consideration of the confidence # which I have in the Trustees after named and designed # I have given Granted and disponed like as I hereby with # and under the provisions and declarations after expressed # hereby give grant dispone assign and convey to and in # Favour of […] John Pratt, manufacturer, [Links], Alex[ander] Forsyth, # writer, Edinburgh, Geo[rge] Beveridge, [wood] merchant, Geo[rge] Oliphant, shipowner, [&] # Wm (William) Williamson ship[…]. and to such other person or persons as they shall # assume into this Trust in [virtue] of the powers herein # after committed to them and to the survivors or # survivor of them accepting the major part of them # alive and accepting being always a quorum. But # declaring that the said Trustees shall act jointly so # long as no other person is assumed into this Trust # as Trustees for the ends uses and purposes aftermentioned. #

All […] and heritages now belonging or which shall # hereafter belong to me with the […] […] and # evidences there of conceived in favour of me, my authors, # and predecessors and all that has followed or is [competent] # to follow thereon; As also all debts and sums of money # due and owing to me or which may be resting [owing] # to me at the time of my decease by bond, bill or # in any other manner of way with the [whole] vouchers # and instructions thereof and all that has or can follow # thereon with my whole shipping and moveable # property of whatever description the same may be # and particularly without prejudice to the foresaid # generality. All and Haill these Tenements of land # with houses and buildings erected thereon as […] # occupied ~

Page 2;  R-Oliphant_dispo_page2_ed

Transcription of page 2;

occupied by myself Bounded with the high street # on the South, the lands which belonged to Baillie # James Williamson thereafter to Alexander Gray on # the west, the lands formerly pertaining to the Sailors # Poor Box of Kirkaldy on the East and North parts # thereof. Also all and Haill these Roads of land # lying within the burgh of Kirkcaldy and parish thereof # now occupied by myself Bounded with the lands # belonging to Alex[ander] Ingrams heirs on the east, the # lands of David Landale on the West, St Mary’s # Well on the North, and the yard belonging to George # Davie and a yard formerly belonging to Mr Ferguson # of Raith now to myself [per] Desposition dated the # Twenty ninth day of October, Eighteen hundred and # twenty four, on the South parts thereof. Also all # and Haill that piece of enclosed ground commonly # called the coal yard, Bounded by the highstreet # on the south, the Roads of land afore mentioned # belonging to myself on the North, David # Landale’s property on the west and George # Davies property on the east parts thereof # acquired by me from Robert Ferguson Esq of Raith # and now occupied by myself. Also my right # of that entry leading to David Landale’s property # and my own which is mutual per his # letter dated the fourteenth January, Eighteen # hundred and Seventeen, Together with # all right Title and interest claim of # right property and [possession] which I my # authors and predecessors, heirs and successors # had have or any ways can have claim # or [pretend] to the said several subjects # and …

Page 3;  R-Oliphant_dispo_page3_ed

Transcription of page 3;

… and others in time coming But always with # and under the [burden] of the life rent right # use and [possession] to Janet Oliphant my wife of that # part of the said subjects in which she stands in [left] # in life rent conform to Instrument of Seisin [&] dated # the twenty ninth and recorded in the Burgh # Records of Kirkcaldy the Thirty first day of # December, Eighteen hundred and Twenty # one years. Declaring as it hereby expressly # provided for and declared that my said trustees # shall [be] [bound] as by [acceptation] here of they # bind and oblige themselves within Six # months after my youngest son shall be a # Major or … … years of age to divide my # whole property, heritable and moveable # hereby disponed amongst my children # [viz] the said Henry Oliphant my eldest son # William, Robert, and George Oliphant my # other sons and Mary and Janet Oliphant # my daughters amongst them share and # share alike equally and in the event of # my said children differing about the division # [so] to be made. Then and in that case my # said Trustees shall sell and dispose of # my whole heritable and moveable property # and divide its free proceeds among my said # children in like manner after deduction of # all necessary expences and in the event of any # of my said children [predeceasing] me their # nearest and lawfull heirs and assignees # shall succeed to the share or shares of my said # property which would otherwise have # […] upon them. And also declaring # that my said children shall pay the said # Janet Oliphant – their mother a [fee] # yearly …

Page 4;  R-Oliphant_dispo_page4_ed

Transcription of page 4;

… yearly annuity of £150 Pounds Stirling per annum # during all the days of her lifetime by equal portions # and shall secure the same heritably if required # by her so to do and over and above the life rent of the # subject in which she is already [in.e.t] as aforesaid # and the life rent of my whole household furniture # Books bed and table linen and household # [furnishing] which shall pertain to me at the time # of my decease begining the first terms payment # thereof at the first [term] of Martinmas or Whitsunday # after my decease for the [forsaid] [betwext] my death and # that term and the next terms payment thereof at # Martinmas or Whitsunday thereafter for the half # year preceding with the legal [interest] thereof # and a fifth part more of each terms payment of # liquidate penalty in case of failure and so on half # yearly [during] all the years of the said Janet Oliphant’s life # time. And moreover I hereby empower my trustees # or the survivors or survivor of them or quorum of them # to sell and dispone of the whole or any part # of the subjects as [shall] heritable as moveable # hereby conveyed to them and that either by # private sale or public sale and for that purpose # to execute articles of [route] or minutes of private # sale and thereafter to make grant subscribe # and deliver dispositions and convey [all …] to the # purchaser or purchasers and other writs # necessary containing all usual and necessary # clauses [binding] me, my heirs and successors in # absolute [mar..an dice] of [such] sales as also to # take and receive from such purchaser or purchasers # such securities for payment of the price or prices # and to appoint such terms of payment thereof # as they shall think proper and to uplift and # discharge the said prices or produce of my said # effects …

Page 5;  R-Oliphant_dispo_page5_ed

Transcription of page 5;

… effects Declaring that the purchasers shall be no […] # concerned with the application of the prices that be # fully [exonered] by the simple discharge of my said # Trustees and I hereby authorise and empower my # said Trustees or survivors or survivor or quorum of # them to assume any person or persons as Trustees to # be joined with themselves in the management # of the affairs hereby committed to their care Declaring # that the said Trustees so to be assumed shall have the # same powers and privileges vested in them as are hereby # vested in the Trustees before named. Further I hereby # nominate and appoint the said Trustees my sale # executors and universal […tors] and [intromittors] # with my effects [debarring] all others there from And # Lastly I hereby declare that my said Trustees shall # not be liable for omissions but each for his own # actual intromissions only In which heritable # objects above conveyed I bind and oblige # myself and foresaids to Infeft and seise the said # Trustees and the survivors of survivor of them or their # assignees and that by Resignation as aforementioned # and for that purpose I hereby make and Constitute #

and each of them jointly and [severally] any lawful # and irrevocable procurators for me and in my name # to compear before the Provost or anyone of the Bailies # of the Burgh of Kirkaldy for the time being and [those] # with all due reverence and humility by staff and # Batton as use is to Resign and Surrender like [as] # I hereby resign and surrender up give over give and # deliver – All and Haill the foresaid [tenements] # of land and others laying within the Burgh # of Kirkaldy and [particularly] above described # In the hands of the said Provost or any one of the said # Baillies as in the hands of his Majesty immediate # lawful …

Page 6;  R-Oliphant_dispo_page6_ed

Transcription of page 6;

… lawful [superior] there of. In favour and for [new] # [inseston..t] of the same to be made given and granted # to my said Trustees or to the survivors or survivor of them # or their assignees heritably and [irredeemably] in such # and competent form as effeirs But in Trust # a [livays] and with and under the declarations and prove- # -sions and for the ends uses and purposes herein mentioned.

Acts Instruments and Documents in the premises # to ask and take and [generally] every other thing […] # the same to do that I could do myself if personally # present or which [to] the of procuratory in such # cases is known to belong and pertain [promitten] [derato] # which tenements of land and others above disponed # with this right and disposition thereto and [Ins.stments] # to follow [here on] I Bind myself and foresaids to # [warrant] to my said Disponees and their foresaids at # all hands and against all mortals Moreover I # hereby assign any said Disponees and their foresaids # In and to the Rents [Maills] and Duties of the # said subjects from and after the time of my decease # and [voidents] rights titles and securities of the said # subjects with all that has [followed] or is [com-] # [-petent] to follow thereupon for ever which # assignation above written I Bind and oblige # myself and foresaids to [warrant] to my said # Disponees and their foresaids In so far as # concerns the rents from fact and deed only. # [Reserving] a [livays] my liferent right use # and possession of the whole property heritable # and moveable hereby conveyed with power # to alter innovate or cancel these presents # in whole or in part at any time I shall # think proper  And declaring…

Page 7;  R-Oliphant_dispo_page7

Transcription of page 7;

that any of my Children above named [giving] to # law or endeavouring to set aside or reduce # these presents upon any grounds or pretence # whatever shall be cut off with Five pounds # Sterling which my said Trustees are # hereby instructed to pay over to him her or # them in full of all they can ask or claim in # and through my [decease] Consenting to # the registration here of in the Books of Council # Session or other competent for preservation # and thereto Constitute my procurators.

In [witness] whereof these presents written upon # this and the six preceding pages of paper # by my son the said Henry Oliphant are # subscribed by me at Kirkcaldy this …

Some notes on terms used in the text;