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OLIPHANT papers – Agreement between the tutors of John Aitken, and Christian Barker

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Christian Barker [b.1741] (daughter of George Barker [b.1705]) was married 1st to Thomas Aitken [m.1763], then to Henry Oliphant [m.1766]. Her 1st son, John Aitken [b.1764] appears to have died prior to this document. Christian and Henry had 2 sons (who both died in childhood) and 2 daughters. After Christian Barker’s death in 1777, Henry Oliphant remarried and had another 8 children.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 2; document 9;

Cover; coverTranscription of cover;

the tutors of John Aitken
Christian Barker
and her Husband
Dated – 1768
Reg’ – 17th Dec 1769

Page 1;


Transcription of page 1;

(True copy) (first Page)
At Kirkcaldy the Seventh day of December One thousand #
Seven hundred and Sixty nine years In presence of Thomas #
Dougall and David Robertson present Baillies of Kirkcaldy #
sitting in Judgment in an [fin..] court [Compeared] #
George Douglass and George Robb Writers their as #
Procurators for the parties after named and given in #
the agreement under written. Desiring the same #
might be [insert] and [registrat] in the [Burrow] Court Books #
of the said burgh therein to remain for preservation #
conform to the clause of registration therein contained #
Which Desire the said Baillies found reasonable and #
ordained the same to be done accordingly and whereof #
the [tenor] follows. The Parties underwritten […] #
Andrew Inglis of Easter Bouhill Merchant in #
Kirkcaldy, George Barker shipmaster there, James #
Beveridge weaver in Links, John Sleans junior weaver #
in Kirkcaldy, Andrew Alexander sometime Merchant in #
Falkland now in Kirkcaldy and William Aitken #
merchant there Tutors Nominated by the now deceased #
Thomas Aitken merchant in Kirkcaldy to John Aitken #
his only child also now deceased (any three of these tutors #
being a quorum) On the one part and Christian #
Barker sometime spouse to the said Thomas Aitken #
and mothor to the said John Aitken, now spouse to Henry #
Oliphant shipmaster in Kirkcaldy with consent of her #
sad Husband and the said Henry Oliphant for himself #
and as taking burden on him for his said spouse On the #
other part Have agreed in manner following that is #
to say Whereas the said Thomas Aitken by his Disposition #
dated the twelth day of July Seventeen hundred #
and Sixty five and [registrate] in the [Burrow] Court Books #
of Kirkcaldy the Sixteenth day of September year forsaid #
granted and Disponed to the said John Aitken his only Son #
and child his whole heritable ##### and moveable #
subjects with the burden of paying to the said #
Christian Barker his spouse One hundred pounds #
(signed) Will: Drysdale, clerk

Page 2; page-2_ed

Transcription of page 2;

(second page)
Sterling money out of the first and readiest of his moveable #
means and effects at the first term of Martinmass or Whitsunday #
after the death ot the said Thomas Aitken and also paying to #
her during all the days of her lifetime the legal interest of #
One third part of his whole moveable goods and [year] #
Debts and sums of money that should belong and be #
resting unto me at the time of his death, the above #
One hundred pounds Sterling being understood to make #
part thereof and the interest of that sum a part of #
her third and he hereby appointed the said persons #
Tutors and Curators for the said Child as the said #
Disposition more fully bears That the said Thomas #
Aitken having died in the month of September, Seventeen #
hundred and Sixty five several disputes arose betwext #
the said Tutors for behalf of their pupil and the said #
Christian Barker with [respect] to the extent of the #
said Thomas Aitken’s moveable effects and debts an #
to the [Commencement] of her life rent of the […] #
thereof and the [Baurd] wages to be paid her for [their] #
said pupil and the said Tutors having frequently #
met with the said Christian Barker and the said #
Henry Oliphant now her husband concerning #
these and other disputes did settle the [sum.] as #
underwritten In the first place it is hereby agreed #
that the sum of Six hundred pounds Sterling #
money inclusive of the said One hundred pounds #
Sterling payable to the said Christian Barker is #
the capital stock out of which her life rent is to #
be paid and of course that the sum of Two hundred #
pounds Sterling is the [ground] from which her #
life rent arises and that the legal interest of One #
hundred pounds is the sum to be paid her during #
her life. The One hundred pounds being her #
own property in terms of the said Thomas Aitken’s #
Disposition and already paid to her and discharged #
and it is hereby agreed that the said Christian #
Barker’s life rent of the said One hundred #
pounds Sterling should commence at the term of #
Will: Drysdale, clerk

Page 3; page-3_edTranscription of page 3;

(third page)
Whitsunday Seventeen hundred and Sixty seven and shall #
be paid to her or her Assignees at the term of Whitsunday #
yearly during her lifetime out of the moveable effects #
and debts which belonged to the said Thomas Aitken #
and it is hereby further agreed that their shall #
be paid out of the said Thomas Aitken’s effects to the #
said Christian Barker and her said Husband #
the sum of Sixteen pounds Sterling money in full of #
the pupil’s board [wages] during the space he lived with #
the said Christian Barker and the said parties having #
nothing further to claim of one another with respect #
to the affairs of the said Thomas Aitken. They therefore #
mutually discharge each other their heirs [.] of all #
intromissions which they or either of them had with #
the effects of the said Thomas Aitken or which the one #
can lay to the charge of the other bygone preceeding #
the […] hereof and the said parties consent to #
the registration hereof in the Books of Council #
and Session [Burrow] court Books of Kirkcaldy #
or others competent for preservation and if necessary #
to receive execution thereon in form as effects and #
thereto they constitute George Douglass and George #
Robb writers in Kirkcaldy their [Brors] [..] In #
witness whereof these presents wrote by George #
Douglass, apprentice to William Drysdale, town #
clerk of Kirkcaldy upon Stamped paper are #
Inscribed by the said parties at Kirkliston the Thirteenth #
day of June One Thousand seven hundred and #
Sixty eight years before these witnesses the #
said William Drysdale and George Douglass #
both before design[ed] (signed) A.Inglis, George #
Barker, Will.Aitken, And.Alexander, Henry #
Oliphant, James Beveridge, John [Sleans], #
Christian Barker, Will: Drysdale, witness #
George Dougall, witness, Extracted upon #
this and the two preceeding pages By #
Will Drysdale

OLIPHANT papers – Betty or Elizabeth BAXTER

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See 2 more, closely connected documents (with additional notes) HERE and HERE.

OLIPHANT papers; envelope 1; document 10;

Cover; cover_Betty-Elizabeth

Transcription of cover;

Betty [or] Elizabeth BAXER

Inside – attached certificate; inside_attached-cert

Transcription of attached certificate;

I X Robert Jameson {x Allan Grant}, Messenger at Arms, by virtue of letters in supplement of the # Sheriff Depute of the Shire of Fife his Precept # [interponed] to the [summonds] therein mentioned # [where]of the foregoing is a full double to the will /- # which […] [there] are … # dated and signeted the twenty second day of December [barrent**] # at the instance of Robert Oliphant shipowner in Kirkaldy, Mrs # Janet Oliphant his wife, John Spittall merchant # in Kirkaldy and Alexander Forsyth writer in Edinburgh # tutors & curators nominated & appointed by the lately # deceased George Dougall Esq of Kirkcaldy to his infant # daughter Elizabeth Dougall during her minority [complainers] # in his Majesty’s name and authority, summon, warn, and charge you Betty or Elizabeth # Baxter mother of the said pupil #

to compear before the said Sheriff Depute or his substitutes at # Cupar #

within the ordinary court-place where they are in use to sit for the administration of justice, the # […] day of […] in the hour of cause, with continuation of # days, to answer at the instance of the said complainers in the matter and to the effect mentioned # in the said letters, with certification as effeirs. This I do, upon the twenty third day of # December One thousand eight hundred and twenty three years, before these witnesses, # Peter M’Niven, William Butter, George Dippie, James Thain, Charles Wilson, [William Forrest], # [Kenneth Morison], – indwellers in Edinburgh. # Rob Jameson

Inside – side 1; inside_side1_ed

Transcription of side 1;

Andrew Clephane Esq advocate Sheriff #
Depute of the Shire of Fife to #
[Maids] of officers of the said Shire #
[conly] and [seally] specially constituted #
Greeting Whereas it is humbly meant #
& [shewn] to me and my substitute #
by Robert Oliphant shipowner in #
Kirkaldy, Mrs Janet Oliphant #
his wife, John Spittal merchant #
in Kirkaldy and Alex Forsyth writer #
in Edinburgh  Tutors & curators nominated #
and appointed by the lately deceased #
George Dougall Esq of Kirkaldy to his #
infant Daughter, Elizabeth Dougall #
[conform] to Deed of conveyance #
executed by him [upon] the #
12th Oct 1820 & recorded in the Books of #
Council & session, as a probative writ, the #
5th of September 1823 whereby for the #
causes therein mentioned he the said #
George Dougall gave granted assigned #
and conveyed to & in favor of John #
Pratt manufacturer in Linktown #
of Kirkaldy (who declined to accept) – #
Alex Forsyth writer in Edinburgh, John #
Spittal, merch[ant] in Kirkaldy & #
Robert Oliphant shipowner there #
and the [acceptors] & [acceptors] of #
them & the [survivors] or survivor #
of those who might accept all #
& sundry his whole moveable #
Estate and Effects [Debts] & sums #
of money as therein mentioned #
to be held by his [said] trustees #
for the behoof* of the said Elizabeth #
Dougall his daughter during her #
minority, as in manner therein #

Inside – side 2; inside_side2-reverse_ed

Transcription of side 2;

mentioned, and also [he] [herely] con-#
-stituted & appointed the said #
John Pratt who declines accepting #
and the said Alex Forsyth, John #
Spittal and Robert Oliphant; #
and also the said Mrs Janet #
Oliphant and such of [these] #
as should accept & the survivors #
& successor of them, to be the tutors #
& [educators] to his said Daughter; #
as the said deed of conveyance #
here [with] [produced] more #
fully leaves; And it being #
incumbent upon the [com-#
-planers] to give up [inventorie] #
of the said Elizabeth Dougall’s #
means and Estate as prescribed #
by act of Parliament anno 1672 #
Entitled “Act Anent Pupils #
“and Minors and their Tutors #
“and Curators” It is necessary #
thereto that the persons #
after named & designed #
nearest in kin to the said #
pupil on the father’s side #
and mother’s side [be] #
lawfully summoned #
to [con…] with the #
complaniers as tutors #
and curators forsaid #
in making up the said #
[Inventories] [Heerefore] it is #
my Will [x.. x..]

Notes on terms used in the text;

  • “Messenger at Arms” (Wikipedia). [Although I could not decipher the surname of “Robert Jameson” from this document, a bit of web-searching for “”Messenger at Arms” “Edinburgh”” revealed records for Robert Jameson, HERE, and for the death of Allan Grant (who’s name is crossed out) on 1st January 1824. HERE ]
  • “Sheriff Depute” (Wikipedia)
  • “barrent” (Wikipedia); third-person plural.
  • “behoof” (Wikipedia); meaning ‘benefit’ / ‘advantage’.

I’ll try to add a brief family tree to explain some of the people and relationships contained in this document.

George BARKER, b. 1704, married Christian BELL (or BETT) in 1732, and they had 3 daughters;

  • Mary BARKER, b. 1733, m. 1763 to William OLIPHANT (b. 1728).
  • Agnes BARKER, b. 1736, m. 1762 to George DOUGALL [1].
  • Christian BARKER, b. 1741, m. 1766 to Henry OLIPHANT (b. 1741).

Mary BARKER and William OLIPHANT had 5 children, including Robert OLIPHANT, b. 1765 (who is named in the document above)

Christian BARKER and Henry OLIPHANT had 4 children, including Janet OLIPHANT, b. 1777 (named in the document above, and who was married to her cousin Robert).

Agnes BARKER and George DOUGALL [1] had 3 sons, including George DOUGALL [2], b. 1763, who is the “father” named in this document.

A search of the IGI suggests that Elizabeth DOUGALL (the “daughter” named in this document), was christened. 30/7/1819, at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, to George DOUGALL and an Elizabeth BAXTERS. [IGI batch no; C11987-7, Microfilm; 1066756  103059]