Old WALKER papers – Discharge from Patrick Keir to William Walker

This is my eighth blog post in a series about some old papers of the WALKER family, from Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland. See a list of these papers HERE.

IMG_7620-edBelow is one of several documents from an envelope labeled “Old Wills etc. of the Walker family”, which is part of a box full of family papers that I received from my aunt at a family gathering in January 2014. The contents of this envelope all date from the 1700’s.

I have previously posted all those documents that are by, or speak directly about my Walker ancestors. I am now posting some documents where I am unsure of the nature of the connection to the Walker family. Please see my notes at the bottom.

This is the first of two Discharges to William Walker (my ancestor) and Isobell Gray, the widow of John Lishman. I have previously posted John Lishman’s Disposition. John was a witness to the marriage contract of my ancestors; William Walker and Elizabeth Barron, in 1728.

IMG_9490-croppedPlease click on the images to see the scans at full resolution. Transcribed text appears in a Maroon colour below each scanned image. At the bottom I’ve made some notes of my own about the document.

Cover; Discharge_Patrick-Keir_to-Wm-Walker_1753_cover_300dpiTranscription of cover;

Pat Keir
Wm Walker
on Isabell Grays [..]

Inside; Discharge_Patrick-Keir_to-Wm-Walker_1753_inside_300dpiTranscription of inside;

I Mr Patrick Keir in the Blair of Carnock grants me to have received #
from William Walker in Hiddlefaulds on account of Isabell Gray relict of #
John Leishman late tenent in Craigie the Sum of Two hundred Merks Scots #
money assigned to me by the said Isabell Gray in her Settlement of which #
sum of Two hundred Merks forsaid I hereby grant the Receipt And discharges #
and simpliciter exoners the saids Isabell Gray and William Waker and #
all concerned thereof for now and ever In witness whereof I have written & #
subscribed these presents at Hiddlefaulds the twenty fifth day of October #
One thousand Seven hundred and fifty three years.  Patrick Keir


Blair of Carnock; I think this is at Carnock in Fife – now “Blair Lodge”, Oakley.

Craigie; a farm laying southeast of South Queensferry, and northeast of Kirkliston village.

Leishman; the surname is spelt in a number of ways in the documents I’ve seen, including; Leishman, Leshman, & Lishman. For my notes on how John Leishman might relate to William Walker, see John Lishman’s Disposition.

Scots Merk; =14 shillings (originally 13s 4d, or ⅔ of a Scottish pound). For more details, see Wikipedia, or TheReformation.info.


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