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AFamilyHistoryBlog – new Facebook page

Today I was reflecting on a number of interesting pieces that I’ve either seen, heard, or read, about family history/genealogy in the last couple of weeks. I’ve thought about posting links to some of these onto “AFamilyHistoryBlog” – the website which I’ve been developing for nearly 3 years now. But I haven’t particularly wanted to do so because I want to keep the blog focused primarily on my research into my own family history.

facebook-logo-2Then the idea came to me that I could create a Facebook page where I can easily share links to interesting general articles like these, as well as to “AFamilyHistoryBlog” articles about my own research.

So after a bit of evening tinkering, here is that Facebook page.

This is intended, in part, to be a kind of scrapbook/diary for myself – to collect together such articles that I find of interest.

facebook-logo-1But I would also like to encourage family, and anyone else who’s interested in my family history research, to “Follow” BOTH the WordPress blog (click the “FOLLOW” button in Right-hand column of the website), and the Facebook page (click “LIKE” at the top of the page).

IMG_9478-croppedI will continue posting articles about my own family history research onto AFamilyHistoryBlog and will then share those articles on this Facebook page. But I will also use the Facebook page to quickly share anything else I see of general interest to family history research.

Thanks for FOLLOWING.


All known surnames in Matt's ancestry upto his 6x Gt Grandparents
All known surnames in Matt’s ancestry upto his 6x Gt Grandparents


This is my first stab at posting a list onto AFamilyHistoryBlog, of the research resources that I use (or might use). I’m sure that this list will be incomplete! Please look at the Resources page of the site, which I’ll attempt to review and update regularly, to create a more complete list.

mag-glassI believe that it’s important for anyone researching this kind of subject, to be as clear as possible about where our information comes from, so that others can locate the same evidence and see where our conclusions have been drawn from. I will try to include specific references to sites/sources within all relevant posts and pages on AFamilyHistoryBlog.

clipart-internet-icon-smallSome of the sites that I list here, I will have made active use of in my research. Others, I haven’t actively used. But I note here because I think that I may use them in future, or because they may be of use to others doing similar research.

I have spent very little time myself visiting archives, etc, to view the original records that they hold first-hand! But where I have done, or where I know of ones that might be of particular interest to visit for my research, I’ll try to list them too, with links to their websites.

This list of resources does not include details of documents held within my family because that is the subject for much of the rest of this site.


General On-line Resources;

Free UK Genealogy projects, including;

Family History Societies;

Tools, software, etc;
Physical Resources, Archives, etc;
  • St Andrews University, Fife; OLIPHANTs of Kirkcaldy – Tree compiled by James Hunter MacGregor (genealogist), June 1917, now in the library at St Andrews University, Fife. Commissioned by Mary Christian HUTCHISON, daughter of Robert HUTCHISON and Mary OLIPHANT. Thanks to Roddy OLIPHANT for finding this document and sharing it over the internet with the current descendants of the Kirkcaldy OLIPHANTs. Also to the other relatives, particularly Anne HAENGA and Gordon McCONNELL (both in New Zealand), for their input – correcting some errors in James Hunter’s original work, and adding new details. Several long forum threads between us can be found on the OLIPHANT GenForum at Genealogy.com
  • National Archives of Scotlandhttp://www.nas.gov.uk
  • Monumental Inscriptions [M.I.] records, at the Scottish Genealogy Society library, Edinburgh.
  • Old Parish Registers (OPR) on microfilm. Particularly no.667 – Kirkliston, and no.678 – Corstorphine. I’ve viewed these (for the most part) at Edinburgh Central Library. I have also used the Scottish Genealogy Society Library in Edinburgh.
  • Scots Genealogy Society, Family History Libraryhttp://www.scotsgenealogy.com
  • WALKER family tombstones in Kirkliston parish churchyard. I have seen these myself. But there are also now several websites where you can obtain transcriptions and photos of these tombstones. Take care with the transcriptions on these websites though! I have a difference of opinion with at least one of them about the reading of an age of death on a very weathered tombstone!