Blogging again in 2016!

I hadn’t done anything with AFamilyHistoryBlog for several months! But with Christmas 2015 fast approaching, I took another look at it – which got me going to finish off the first big project for the site; posting scans of a collection of OLIPHANT papers – about the Oliphant and Barker families of Kirkcaldy in the 1700’s and 1800’s. This is now finished, except for a few small tweeks and added notes (which I’m still working on!).

I have now created a static index page for the OLIPHANT and BARKER family papers.

In the next few months I hope to make contact on-line with people/groups who may be interested in the Oliphant papers, to let them know about what I’ve put up on this site. This includes people I’ve been in contact with before about the Oliphant family, and groups like the Kirkcaldy Civic Society and Fife Family History Society. I hope that this material will be of interest to them, and that in return they may have new information/documents for me and which I can perhaps share on AFamilyHostoryBlog for the benefit of others.

IMG_7620-edMy intention for 2016 is to move on to a second set of documents that I want to put onto AFamilyHistoryBlog; those of my WALKER family. I have a chest-full of documents, dating back to the early 1700’s, which I want to work through – scanning, transcribing, and posting up onto AFamilyHostoryBlog, with additional notes.

In looking back at AFamilyHostoryBlog over the 2 years (very nearly) since I started it, its clear that a pattern might be emerging – of working  on the blog over Christmas and into the new year,  then a long period of relatively little activity through the summer and autumn. But my current intention for 2016 is to try and work on AFamilyHostoryBlog a little more frequently – perhaps trying to establish a pattern of posting something once every couple of weeks, or once a month! I’ve got plenty of material that I want to post up (which could keep things going for a long time), and I should be able to make the time for it (if I want to!).

I also want to start promoting/advertising AFamilyHostoryBlog a lot more. Until now, while I’ve been developing the site and adding initial content, I’ve kept it very low profile – telling relatively few people, and using settings that keep it off search engine listings! But now I think the site is about ready for people to see, and my intention is that people should be able to find the documents that I’m posting onto the site through search engine searches. That, I hope, will help them with their family history research.


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