Back to it!

Its nearly a year since I had the idea for this blog, and after a number of months of not doing anything much with the blog, or in researching my family history generally, I’m having a fresh look at it. As I’ve said on the Intro page, I’m not a regular blogger and I expect my posts to this site to be sporadic – associated with short bursts of research.

With Christmas 2014 approaching, I thought that I would just do a couple of web searches related to different parts of my family tree to see if anything new popped up! The first few searches (of places associated with the WALKER line) yielded nothing new! But then I turned to the opposite side of my family tree; to the MAWER family. This immediately led to records with a lot of new details, thanks mostly to new websites (or at least ones I had not found before) which make historic records much more easily accessible.

I’ll plan to write up what I’ve found about the MAWERs in the new year.

But this made me think again about developing this blog (which at the time of writing remains as an off-line draft!). So I’ve been going back over the site and some of the articles that I wrote earlier in 2014, tweaking a few little things here and there! I hope to post some more content going into the new year, and get this website into a shape to go live on the internet early in 2015.


2 thoughts on “Back to it!

  1. Hi have seen your blog. My grandmother was lilian twite lived in swanley area does this name fit into your tree anywhere?


    1. Hello Linda,
      I can’t see a “Lilian Twite” anywhere in my database! But that isn’t to say that there’s no connection! I could be missing things! My maternal Great-grandmother, Doris Twite, was the youngest of 7 daughters born to Charles Twite and Annie (nee Mawer). Census records say that the daughters were born in the areas of “Norwood, Surrey”, “Finchley, Middlesex”, and “Peckham, Surrey” (or “Camberwell” & “Dulwich”; Peckham & Dulwich fall within the District of Camberwell).
      Charles Twite was born in Holborn, London; the 2nd of 4 children born to George Twite and Susannah Green. My knowledge of the descendants of Charles’ siblings is probably incomplete!
      George Twite was born in Bath, the 4th of 8 children born to Joseph Twite and Mary Ann Thomas. I only have details for descendants of one of George’s brothers!
      Sorry I can’t be of more help just now! Be interesting to see if there is a link somewhere back.


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